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UPDATE June 2012:
There have been many requests for info on an English speaking vet in Qingdao. Can anyone recommend one?

A dog is a person’s best friend, and as they say in China, one more friend is one more road. However, it’s best not to buy a dog from roadside vendors, or from the touts outside Jusco, as those dogs are often quite ill with the parvo virus and drugged up just enough to make them look lively in the box. Instead, there are a couple regulated markets selling dogs in Qingdao such as the Nanshan Pet Market at 66 Sangzi Rd. in Taidong, and the Licun Lunar Market held on days ending with 2 and 7 on the Chinese calendar, i.e. the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd and 27th of each lunar month.

Even purchasing from these regulated dog sellers is not a guarantee of a dog’s health, and much of the process involves a good amount of caveat emptor. Be sure to take your new pup to a good vet immediately after purchasing one to get a thorough check up. Most local pet hospitals also sell food, leashes, toys and other accessories for your new best friend.

To make sure your furry roommate is legal and healthy, there are some simple steps to sit, stay, and roll over within the confines of local municipal regulations. Dog owners should take their passport, shen fen zheng or other legal ID to one of the following government sanctioned vet centers for a set of mandatory injections and a license tag:

Shinan District
47 Guangxi Rd. (8287-2062)
3 Zhanghua Rd. (8997-6208)
161 Jiangxi Rd. (8587-3292)

Shibei District

305 Nanjing Rd. (8561-6104)

Sifang District

9 Nanchang Rd. (8560-6186)

Licang District

56 Junfeng Rd. (8408-1222)
922 Chongqing Rd. (8481-3825)
157 Xiazhuang Rd. (8769-5472)

(Open 8:30 am – 4:30 pm M-F, some locations are open during the weekend, call ahead for details)

The total cost is 220 yuan for the initial 4 injections and the license tag. Each year after that, the government requires 2 annual injections at a cost of 100 yuan. The Animal Husbandry Bureau reminds dog owners not to bathe their pups on the day of injections.

Other local rules to be disobeyed at your own risk:

1. Dogs are not allowed in government offices, hospitals, schools, sport stadiums, cinemas & theaters, restaurants and more. They are also verboten on public transportation, except taxis, in which case it’s best to ask the driver before hopping in with your dog. Elevators also have a special dog protocol, proscribing the usage of muzzles and dog carriers (haven’t seen this one yet but it’s in the rules, just fyi).

2. Dogs must wear their license tags and be leashed at all times.

3. Neglecting to clean up after your dog is not only illegal, it’s also pretty gross. There’s plenty of other stuff on the ground to worry about stepping in besides doggy doo. Everyone’s shoes thank you in advance.

4. There are at least 35 dog breeds that are (supposedly) not allowed in the Qingdao city limits, including Great Dane, German Shepherd, St. Bernard, Dalmatian and more. Here’s the chart with photos of the 35 blacklisted pooches. These breeds are ineligible for a dog license in Qingdao.

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  1. My girlfriend’s dogs had puppies about two months ago now, we still have a boy and a girl, both black, and they’re precious. They come when they’re called, not housebroken yet unfortunately, but extremely comfortable with people and they’ve been very well cared for to this point. It was heartbreaking to part with their brother recently, but he’s had his shots and is apparently doing great in his new home.

    They don’t get very big, they’re a poodle variety and so don’t shed much either. 🙂

    Bearing in mind the guidelines in this post, let us know if you’re ready to bring one of these puppies into your home! They’re asking ¥500 for each of them. Please give me a call at 139 6395 6913.

    Here’s a pic of Song and the puppies.

  2. una

    yo love dogs,and she`s a black poodle named lucky~i love her so much~
    but about “the government requires 2 annual injections”,i think just once a year is ok~~~

  3. The sausage dog of QD-based, Western friends of ours has had 5 puppies this week (16th Dec today). I don’t know details, gender, whether they’re looking to sell or give them away to good homes, but I believe they have to go! That’s as much as I know, but I’ll be happy to put you in touch if you’re interested, drop me a note at derekmcguire@gmail.com.

    Excellent website, well done Steven and everyone involved, and thanks

  4. Marcus

    I am bringing my two dogs from Taiwan. I would like to avoid quarentine. Can anyone give me any advice or contacts to help me in this regard?


  5. pATRICK

    Hi I am wondering if i come with my dogs from Shanghai, (as we are plannning to move to Qingdao), do I need to re register my dogs even though I would have a license frmo Shanghai?


  6. @ Marcus:
    Hi Marcus,

    well, first of all, you’d have to make sure that your dogs are of an acceptable breed, as the city doesn’t allow certain big dogs in Qingdao.

    Although Taiwan has no known rabies, it is most likely that there will be a quarantine period. Best to call the numbers in the post above and get more information from them.

  7. @ pATRICK:
    My guess is that the license is city based, so coming from Shanghai to Qingdao would require a new visit to the proper authorities. Call ahead and find out, things are much more relaxed here than in the big city ~~

  8. Hello,

    Does anyone know an English-speaking vet in Qingdao?


    • HI Maina, thanks for the tip that there is a vet at 305 Nanjing Lu, is there any phone number to reach them?

      Cheers, hope your puppy is getting better…

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