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The Redbucks played an amazing 2 sets at the Redstar in Creative 100 last night, including some of their originals from the recently released CD All That Glitters and some crowd favorite covers like Me and My Uncle (a John Phillips tune popularized by the Grateful Dead) and Wagon Wheel (Old Crow Medicine Show), ending with an interesting bluegrass take on Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. The band played for over 2 hours and was thoroughly enjoyed by the hootin’ hollerin’ dancin’ crowd. Here’s a short video and some pics from the show, special thanks to Meng Haiyun and The Redbucks.

Redbucks Bluegrass Show in Qingdao

Redbucks Bass Fiddle Singer

The Redbucks at Redstar in Qingdao Luke and boys

The Redbucks in Qingdao 2010

Relevant Links:
The Redbucks Official Site

Photo credits @ Meng Haiyun

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  1. Looks like it was an awesome show, sorry I missed it, must have been crazy getting there and leaving in all the thunderstorms.

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