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A short video excerpt of the song Juliette from the Hollerado show at Redstar on 12.04.09.

Relevant links:
Official Hollerado website (English)
Official Hollerado website (Chinese)
Redstar Venue

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  1. Simon

    That was a great gig…. Hollerado absolutely ROCK! Do yourself a favour and get stuck into their album “Record in a bag” they’re gonna be huge!

  2. I totally agree, this band will hit it big. They have a lot of hit singles “in the bag” already and hopefully more to come. Look out world, here comes Hollerado. These guys are really keen on China too, they chose to play here with their international touring grant from the Canadian gov’t… Pretty cool, glad to say I saw them when ! There are some nice b/w pics of them in Shanghai YuYinTang the other night. The reference to the help from friends is for back-up singers Namida and GF of lead singer Menno (forgot her name, sorry !).
    Anyway, these guys were awesome.

  3. Mary

    Absolutely LOVE this band!!
    Hoping to see them next time they come back to Qingdao!

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