Support the arts this holiday season at a celebration of artists born after 1969, the so called post 70’s generation (qi ling hou). Works exhibited by local creative figures including Wang Yu, Shen Yu Qian, Li Lan, Zhang Xiao Yu, Lv Nan, Cui Jian Jun, Zhu Lei, Qu Le Le and many more. This event lasts only 10 days, so please don’t miss a chance to support local artists.

When: December 25, 2009 – January 3, 2010
Venue: Qingdao Art Museum, 7 Daxue Lu / 青岛美术馆大学路7号
More info: 136.6886.7325





Image credits (1) Zhu Lei, (2) Wang Yu, (3) Lv Nan (main), (4) Post 70’s Artists

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