Pint Sized Towers on Nanjing Lu

RTA-Office recently designed a mixed use building project for Qingdao that takes inspiration from pint sized beer glasses. The 4 towers to be built on Nanjing Lu are environmentally thoughtful, with natural light maximized for optimal climate control. The architectural firm led by Santiago Parramón has offices in Barcelona, Shanghai, and Istanbul.

More from the RTA-Office website:

RTA-Office recently won 1st prize in the competition for the design of Qingdao’s Innovation Park. The construction of the 4 towers will begin next year. The proposal’s aim is to give a strong character to the place, since is a very important area.

We have achieved a strong and unified image through the design of a facade modelled elegantly. The light strips that form the facade give a modern look to the complex and simultaneously allow obtaining a comfortable indoor climate thanks to the entry of natural light.

RTA-Office Qingdao Project

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  1. Hmm, somehow there is a big stretch from the initial beer glasses to what finally will be build.

    If I use their technique then my building block is modeled after either a few bottles of Baijiu, turtles on a rock or people standing around….

    Stll curious what the final result will look like

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