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Peter Scherr is an American born musician, now resident in HK, and a long time favorite of the Qingdao creative music community. Peter has been instrumental in bringing to Qingdao a stream of very talented musicians including Wu Na, Didier Petit, Xu Fengxia, Scott Tinkler, Jim Black, Briggan Krauss, Tony Scherr, Jenny Scheinman, Allison Miller, Masako Hamamura, Matt McMahon, Simon Barker, Mordy Ferber, Ian Froman, Ravish Momin, and Skye Steele.

Now the news from Peter:

Just in time for Christmas, the official opening of my music store. You can purchase my releases as CD’s or digital downloads. The latest releases are:

Masako Hamamura’s gorgeous Kind Mind, featuring her compositions, pianism and vocals, supported by Edward Perraud on drums and myself on Bass.

Jazz Folk: Jazz in the Stone Age. A psychedelic romp through the music of Beck Hanson, Joni Mitchell, The Velvet Underground and more. This record is currently available as a high resolution mp3 file. If you prefer a 16/44.1 version, please write me. I can make you a special disc, direct from the master disk, with personalized supplemental materials.

Please come and buy something!

Peter Scherr

Relevant Links:

Official Peter Scherr website (note: site and store may not be readily accessible, please try an alternative such as here).

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  1. I very much recommend the music of the band Proper Villians, which is one of the records available in this store. If you like jazz, check out Bruce Huron and the guys jamming sax trumpet bass drums. Great stuff, there’s some live video material of them out there on the web if you search yi xia…

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