The Qingdao peninsula (part of the larger Shandong peninsula) is home to a lot of talented painters, many of them working in the traditional Western medium of oils instead of the Chinese ink style called Guo Hua (which includes Shanshui and calligraphy). The rapid development of Deng Xiaoping’s reform and open door policy contributed a whole new set of influences and emotions to the Qingdao painter’s palette, as modernization brought new information and people to Qingdao, while the digital revolution changed the world beyond recognition.

Art galleries and museums in Qingdao include Qingdao Modern Art Gallery (3 Changle Lu, 8380-2977), Qingdao Art Museum (7 Daxue Lu, 8288-9996) and the Qingdao Municipal Museum (51 Meiling Dong Lu, 8889-6286). Information on exhibits can also be found in Qingdao’s monthly arts publication Arteffect.

Here are some images of paintings by QINGDAO(nese) Pan Wenyi, Da Mao, Lu Nan, and Zhu Lei, supplied courtesy of the artists in cooperation with Daohaus.

penpaint ln

penpaint zl 2

penpaint pwy

penpaint dm2

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