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Bach Tribute: Van Der Voe/Zhai 3.05

March 2, 2011 in Events, Music

Baritone Matthaus Van Der Voe performs with pianist Zhai Zhitian at the Qingdao Grand Theatre on March 5. The concert program features a tribute to the music of Bach.

When: March 5, 7.30 pm
Venue: Qingdao Grand Theatre / 青岛大剧院
Location: 5 Yunling Lu, Laoshan district / 云岭路5号
More Info/Tickets: 8066.5555

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Qingdao Photos: Portraits

March 2, 2011 in Photos

Check out some impromptu portraits taken by a tai chi aficionado and former resident of Qingdao now living in the UK. The main image above is from a mock traditional wedding at the kite festival in Weifang in Shandong Province. All the rest were taken in Qingdao. The first two were taken in a la mian noodle restaurant and the remaining three are women vendors at a now closed market near 5 Middle School next to Qingdao University. For more information please contact us.

Qingdao Photos Portraits Noodles La Mian

Qingdao Photos Portraits Baby

Qingdao Photos Portraits Peppers

Qingdao Photos Portraits Mantou

Qingdao Photos Portraits Crabs

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Er Yue Er

March 1, 2011 in About Qingdao, Events

The traditional Chinese holiday of Er Yue Er (2nd day of 2nd Lunar Month) aka Spring Dragon Festival (Chun Long Jie/春龙节) falls on March 6, 2011. The day is also referred to as Long Tai Tou, meaning Dragon Raises Head, a festival related to precipitation, drought, and the rebirth of Spring in China that dates back to the Tang Dynasty. The dragon god associated with rain and snow in the myths of Long Tai Tou is seen to control the weather – one prevailing story involves China’s strong Empress Wu Zetian and four dragon gods. People celebrate with roasting golden beans and popcorn to allow the dragon god to provide the right weather for a good Spring. Recent snows are a good start to ending the winter drought of 2010-11. Celebrate Er Yue Er to thank the dragon. Er Yue Er is also said to be a lucky day to get a haircut.

More info from China Info Online
The folklore goes that every second day of the second lunar month is the time when the dragon in charge of rain lifts its head. From that day on rainfall will increase gradually, so it is called the “Spring Dragon Festival” or “Dragon Head Festival.” It is characteristic of the North China Monsoon that the rainfalls begin to grow after the second day of the second lunar month. However, seen from another perspective, the festival also shows people’s wishes for fine weather and a better harvest.

Er Yue Er Spring Dragon Festival Dance

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2011 Qingdao International Boat Show 5.27-29

February 28, 2011 in About Qingdao, Events

The 9th Qingdao Boat Show will be held at the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center from May 27 to 29, 2011. The annual event has grown in importance as Qingdao develops its maritime recreation industry and lives up to the moniker Sailing City.

When: May 27 – 29
Location: Olympic Sailing Center / 奥帆中心

More info from China Daily

The 9th Qingdao Boat Show will exhibit boat and technical equipment, aquatic sports facilities and equipment, aquatic sports and recreational facilities and equipment, yacht dock equipment and supporting facilities, as well as clubs and service organizations. Other events will also be held during the period, including a special promotion for world class yachts, business conferences on boat technology, a purchasing ceremony for boats, yacht club management symposiums between China and other countries, a conference on Chinese travel boats, a boat designing competition, a boat industry recruitment fair and trial sailing sessions for visitors. Last year alone the show attracted more than 126 companies from 18 countries, with a total of more than 300 boats on show. It has drawn a lot of world attention to the potential of Qingdao’s aquatic industries and the post-Olympic economy.

Xie Chuanjiao and Dai Yan (China Daily Qingdao Bureau)

Qingdao Boat Show 2011

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Photo Credit @ Netfm

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Kent 3.15

February 28, 2011 in Events, Music

Ex-Starshooter founder and former comic book artist Kent (Herve Despesse) performs in Qingdao on March 15. Alliance Française du Shandong hosts the French musician Allmusic.com called “a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter” at the Laoshan campus of Ocean University of China. Call ahead for tickets.

When: March 15, 7.30 pm
Venue: Ocean University (Laoshan)
Tickets/Info: 8590.6232 / 135.8320.6332

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Aoluguya 3.03

February 28, 2011 in Arts, Events

Traditional Ewenki culture from China’s Northeast comes to Qingdao in the musical drama Aoluguya at the Qingdao Grand Theatre on March 3. Featuring tuya (Ewenki throat singing) as well as music with traditional Ewenki instruments munnharp and suman drums, the tale of two lovers was written by Ewenki musicians Wu Ri Na and Buren Bayaer. The Ewenki group is one of China’s 56 ethnic nationalities. The name refers to people living in mountain forests.

When: March 3, 7.30 pm
Venue: Qingdao Grand Theatre / 青岛大剧院
Location: 5 Yunling Lu, Laoshan district / 云岭路5号
Tickets: 50-380 yuan (RMB) /
More Info: 8066.5555

Ewenki Family Qingdao Aoluguya

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4th WEC 6.18-21

February 27, 2011 in About Qingdao, Events

Qingdao will host the 4th World Economic and Environmental Conference from June 18 to 21, 2011.

Co-sponsored by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the International Energy Conservation Environmental Protection Association (IEEPA) based in Beijing, the 4th WEC will focus on environmentally responsible energy solutions for the future. The conference is a boost to Qingdao’s MICE industry and further evidence that the city is an attractive destination for international meetings, whether it be for whistling, desalination, or green energy development.

More info on the conference from IEEPA
The 4th World Economic and Environmental Conference, sponsored by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and International Energy Conservation Environmental Protection Association (IEEPA), co-organized by the People’s Government of Shandong Province, IPA-APEX Beijing International Environmental Technology Co. Ltd and the People’s Government of Qingdao Municipality, will be held in Qingdao, China in June 2011. This conference expects over 1,000 attendees and representatives of various countries, along with 20 delegations led by mayors from China … will offer a valuable platform to display development and construction in urban energy conservation, environmental protection, new and renewable energy industries, green building, new energy auto and water resource fields, and an opportunity to cooperate with enterprises at home and abroad.

This conference, entitled “Low Carbon Mission in Economic Transition and Development”, incorporates 10 hot spots, 10 topics and 10 meetings, with a focus on topics such as Low Carbon Development and Economic Mode, Industry Transition and Market Cultivation. Additionally it will focus on hot issues like Chinese low carbon development mode and opportunities, enterprise market and future, ecological city construction, regional economy and green industry, solid waste disposal, green building, property and sustainable green finance system, carbon market, energy conservation environmental protection industry, new and renewable energy, water resources and water treatment, green traffic, new-energy auto industry and carry out in-depth analysis and interactive communication and dialogue with a view to sharing advices and opinions of heads of countries or governments, economists, specialists and business leaders.

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Qingdao Children’s Welfare Benefit 3.05

February 27, 2011 in About Qingdao, Events, Music

Qingdao’s underground rock bands and fans come together for a charity benefit at the Owl Bar (aka sHooters) in the Olympic Sailing Center on March 5. Originally held at the now closed Free Cuba bar in 2008, the gathering is being held to benefit the Qingdao Children’s Welfare Institute. Funds from the show will go towards supporting the daily needs of local underprivileged children.

When: March 5, 7.30 pm
Venue: Owl Bar (sHooters) / 猫头鹰酒吧
Location: Olympic Center Bar Street / 奥帆中心酒吧街
More Info: 136.6886.6600

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2011 Candied Haw Festival

February 24, 2011 in About Qingdao, Events

The annual Qingdao Haiyunan Candied Hawthorn Festival celebrates the candied hawthorn (tanghulu). The festival is in Sifang district near the Haiyunan Buddhist convent and runs through February 26. Check out more info below from QINGDAO(nese) contributor Cherie. If you’d like to contribute Qingdao related content to this site, please contact us.

Compared to the busy downtown, I prefer the suburbs or a village. I appreciate that peace and harmony. But there are some moments that you really want to enjoy a roaring atmosphere. The Qingdao Haiyunan Candied Hawthorn Festival is one of those moments. It is an annual event in Qingdao and it usually lasts for about eight or nine days. Visitors to the festival can see performances of traditional cultural customs,such as the yangko and other folk dances as well as the dragon-lion dance. Snacks include goodies for the adventurous eaters such as fried spider, fried centipede, taiwan oyster omelet, smelly bean curd, and of course, candied hawthorn and other fruits.

Candied Haw Qingdao Tanqiuhui 2011

Dating from the late Ming Dynasty, the festival originated at the Haiyunan Buddhist convent and coincides with the end of Spring Festival and Lantern Festival. Over time, different types of snacks from around Qingdao became the main feature of the traditional festival. Among these snacks, the most popular one was the candied hawthorn (糖球). Gradually, people started to call it the Candied Hawthorn Festival and today it is a huge event spreading out over blocks around the temple.

Snacks include goodies for the adventurous eaters such as fried spider, fried centipede, taiwan oyster omelet, smelly bean curd, and of course, candied hawthorn and other fruits.

To get there by bus, take number 1 / 5 / 7 / 15 / 21 / 24 / 32 / 206 / 210 / 227 / 305 / 319 / 322 / 325 / 371 / 373 / 378/ 602 / 609 and get off at the Sifang or Sifang Xiao Xue (elementary school) bus stop. By taxi, tell the driver Sifang Tang Qiu Hui.

More info from Answers.com.

This temple festival is held at the Haiyunan Buddhist convent of Sifang District in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China on the 16th through 18th days of first lunar month. Set for the day of the first spring tide, this festival has been held since the convent was built in the 17th century near the end of the Ming Dynasty. Originally fishermen observed this time to pray for safety and a good harvest. Now sugar balls, also called haws —yams, oranges, and dates dipped in hot syrup and then cooled until crisp—colorfully displayed on long skewers, are specialties of the fair. About 200,000 people attend the show.

Candied Hawthorn Festival Qingdao Monkey King

Candied Haw Festival Qingdao Tanqiuhui 2011

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FYI – Where Does Qingdao Rank

February 24, 2011 in Polls

The QINGDAO(nese) FYI poll results are in.

When it comes to ranking Qingdao among other Chinese cities, Qingdao lands in the top spot. With a total of 56 voters, the top answer to this FYI poll was ‘The Best Place In China’, with 29% of the total, or 16 Votes. Full poll results are listed below. Please vote on the new poll and let us know how you get around Qingdao.

“Where does Qingdao rank among China’s cities?”

The Best Place In China

16 Votes / 29%

In The Top 5

15 Votes / 27%

It Ain’t Beijing/Shanghai

11 Votes / 20%

A Good Place For A Holiday

10 Votes / 18%

Beats Xiamen and Dalian

4 Votes / 6%

Photo Credit @ humuguo

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Qingdao Double Star vs Bayi Rockets 2.23

February 23, 2011 in Events, Sports

The Qingdao Double Star Eagles are hoping to improve on last year’s less than stellar performance when they play at home against Bayi Rockets on February 23. Come out and cheer the league highest scorer and player of the week Charles Gaines (USA) from the Eagles. The Rockets’ roster includes ex NBA player Wang Zhizhi. Tickets range from 60 to 200 yuan (RMB) and are available at the venue (enter via south gate on Hong Kong East Road).

When: February 23 (7:30 pm Tip Off)
Venue: Qingdao University Arena
More Info: 8268-4351

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Clipper Crew Recruiting 2011

February 22, 2011 in About Qingdao, Sports

The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is seeking crew for the 11-12 and 13-14 races. The Clipper Race features 10 yachts – one of the yachts is sponsored by and carries the name Qingdao. The Clipper Crew Recruitment Manager is in Qingdao from February 22-25.

Clipper Qingdao Yacht

More info from the Qingdao Expat:
The man charged with finding the intrepid souls who will take part in the challenge of a lifetime is Clipper’s Crew Recruitment Manager David Cusworth. “Qingdao has to be one of the friendliest and most hospitable cities I’ve visited with the Clipper Race.” David will travel to China to take part in the selection process to decide which crew members will represent Qingdao for Clipper 11-12.

“The Clipper Race is huge in China and we have had a large number of Chinese crew taking part. As sailing becomes more and more popular over there, the obvious progression is onto ocean racing and of course a circumnavigation. Clipper is the only race in the world that offer this amazing opportunity to people from all walks of life and the people of China are grabbing it with both hands.”

David’s trip also offers potential crew members the chance to gain more information about this unique event. If you are based in Qingdao and interested in taking part in Clipper 11-12, or Clipper 13-14.

More details at the Clipper official site.

Clipper Yacht Race Qingdao Crew

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