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IKEA Not in Qingdao


There are a total of 9 (soon to be 10) IKEA stores in China, and not one of them in Qingdao.

Peking Opera Qingdao China

Peking Opera 2.05

Some people love it, some people …. don’t. Three of China’s top contemporary Peking Opera stars appear in Qingdao on February 5.

Qingdao Weather Forecast

Weather Report

Weather Report, the name of both an excellent band and an epic song, is also the latest feature on QINGDAO(nese).

Dama Llamas Qingdao Music

Llamaspace Blogged

Liuzhao’s photos of Qingdao band The Dama Llamas featured on the front page of the blog, Jan 26. Check it out!

Live in Qingdao Music

Fire House, Rehearsal, Fancy World 2.05

Fire House, Rehearsal, and Fancy World rock the house at Allen’s Story Bar on Minjiang, 2.05.10

Zhang Chu Qingdao

Post Zhang Chu

Watch a video excerpt of the song Seaside by Zhang Chu from his show in Qingdao on 1.15.

Tsingtao Beer Qingdao

Tsingtao Medicinal

Stumbled across on Youku, this old promo video for Tsingtao Beer is an interesting retro look at the wonders of our favorite local refreshment.

blazingsun Art in Qingdao

Blazing Sun Zen Style

Blazing Sun Zen Style is an exhibition of paintings by Zhou Shi Chao and You Liang Cheng at the Qingdao Art Museum.

Ray Movie in Qingdao

Ray 1.24

Join Chris and company at Freeman on Sunday for this week’s musical film offering, the definitive biopic Ray.

Chen Danqing 1.15

Chen Danqing is considered a master of contemporary painting in China. See his works in Qingdao at Ertong Park’s Shao Nian Gong.

Buena Vista Social Club

There will be a Sunday afternoon matinee screening of the masterpiece musical film Buena Vista Social Club at Freeman.

Arteffect No. 6

The latest issue of Arteffect (JAN 10, No. 6) features a look back on the posters and performances brought to you by Kadenza Art and Media in 2009.