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Qingdao coastal blues marina yachts

Qingdao Photos: Coastal Blues

Da Wei went for a walk in Qingdao and took these photos, circa July 2016.

Qingdao Aerial View Peninsula Qingdao

Coming into Qingdao

Qingdao aerial photos from a commercial flight arriving in Qingdao.

Qingdao Most Livable City in China

Qingdao Most Livable City In China

Wow, Qingdao has been ranked number 1 on a list of livable cities in China.

Two Trips in Qingdao

Da Wei took a couple trips around Qingdao recently and came back with these thoughts and some pics.

Foggy day in Qingdao, photos by Da Wei 2016

Qingdao Photos: Summer ’16

Foggy topped towers, views of the Winds of May on May 4 Square, construction cranes…


Chinese New Year

Spring Festival brings with it a ton of ordnance, a blanket of work stoppage, and a great excuse for a huge party.

Qingdao Photos: Fly Over 07/08

Check out a set of Qingdao photos taken from an airplane flying over the Dao.

Chinese Little New Year Qingdao Kitchen God

Little New Year in Qingdao

Little Chinese New Year (Xiao Nian/小年) will be celebrated in Qingdao on the last half moon of the year.

Qingdao Photos Da Wei Beach Walk

Qingdao Photos: Beach Walk

Da Wei sent in some photos of summer in the Dao.

Cars on Fuzhou Lu in Qingdao, China

Do You Need A Car In Qingdao?

A brief Q and A on life in Qingdao, with a focus on transportation and housing.

Darwin Monkey Downtown Bar Qingdao Music Events

Darwin Monkey & Downtown Bar: Qingdao Music Events

For info on events at Downtown Bar in Qingdao, check out Darwin Monkey on Douban, Weibo, and WeChat.

Mid Autumn Moon Festival Qingdao Mooncakes

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is an annual Chinese holiday on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month.