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Consistently called one of the best places in China, Qingdao is the hometown of the world famous Tsingtao Beer, which is still made at the original Tsingtao Brewery founded in 1903 at 56 Dengzhou Lu.

The international legacy in Qingdao mainly stems from its German colonial past but also involves Japanese influence and the impact of being host to a large number of foreign nationals including American, Russian, British, Danish and Canadian tourists, missionaries and business people, diplomats and soldiers.

Qingdao is a peninsula hooking west from the Laoshan mountains to Jiaozhou Bay. The westernmost tip of the city, an area known as Tuandao, looks out on Huangdao and Xuejiadao, which put together are called the Qingdao Economic Development Technology Zone.

Qingdao is a great place to visit, work, live, vacation, make friends, fall in love, shop, go to the beach, swim in the sea, go sailing, and much, much more.

Major attractions, activities, and sights in the Qingdao area include: May 4 Square, Old Stone Man Beach, Laoshan, Huadong Vineyards, Little Fish Pagoda, Taiqinggong Temple, Zhan Shan Temple, Underwater World, Lu Xun Park, Zhongshan Park, Qingdao Olympic Marina Sailing Center, Qingdao University, Ocean University.

Homegrown Qingdao employers and brands include: Haier, Hisense, Aucma, Tsingtao Beer, SPR Coffee, R Collar, Bank of Qingdao, and Laoshan Water.

Qingdao was one of the Special Economic Zones designated by the late Deng Xiaoping for international trade after the Reform and Open Door Policy began in 1978. The Port of Qingdao is one of the largest in China (and in the world), and the city’s economy is inextricably connected to shipping, shipbuilding, logistics,container yards, and warehouses.

Qingdao, the site of the Sailing Regatta of the Beijing 2008 Olympics is also called China’s Sailing City.

Qingdao has an intriguing yet relatively short history as a municipality dating back to the 1890’s. Control of the area has passed from China to Germany to Japan to US to China again. Read “Qingdao: A City of Movement” for info on Qingdao modern history.

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