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Qingdao Photos: ’91 Ningxia Lu

June 4, 2013 in Photos by Steven

We just came across a treasure trove of photos of Qingdao dating back to 1991. The one shown above was taken standing in the intersection of Ningxia Lu and Gaoxiong Lu. Today it’s the site of the main gate of Qingdao University.

Special thanks to Derek Walter, a ceramic artist who lived in Qingdao at that time and took these photos. Find out more about his work at Rust Belt Gallery.

Other photos below are of the Textile College, then a separate school, now a part of QDU, view taken from what is now known as Hong Kong East Road, and the Qingdao University Library under construction on Ningxia Lu.

Qingdao Photos Textile College 91

Qingdao Photos Qingdao University Library Under Construction

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Bank of Qingdao Sponsors China LPGA

May 31, 2013 in Events, Sports by Steven

UPDATE: Lin Tzu-chi captured her second title in the China LPGA Tour Saturday with a two-stroke lead at the Bank of Qingdao Golden Mountain Challenge. Lin finished with a 54-hole total of 3-under 213 (72-70-71) to earn RMB 75,000 in the tournament held at the Qingdao Golden Mountain Golf Club. from Focus Taiwan News Channel

The Bank of Qingdao is sponsoring the China LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) Golden Mountain Challenge tournament being held at the Jinshan Resort near Qingdao from May 30 to June 1, 2013. Competing for the half million RMB prize are golfers Shang Linyan, Jang So-young, and Walailak Satarak. Call 8552.6666 in Qingdao for more info. Latest tournament news here.

More info on the Qingdao Golden Mountain Challenge:

The China LPGA Tour swings back into action this week with the inaugural RMB500,000 (about US$70,000) Bank Of QingDao Golden Mountain Challenge.

The fifth leg of the 2013 China LPGA Tour season is being contested over the spectacular Qingdao Golden Mountain Golf Club, a three-year-old Schmidt-Curley design that features dramatic elevation changes and an ever-prevalent wind blowing off Bohai Bay.

Jang So-young, equal runner-up with Thai Walailak Satarak at last week’s Beijing Challenge behind winner Wichanee Meechai, praised the conditions of the par-72, 6,184-yard layout following her practice round Wednesday.

However, she conceded that the wind will play a major factor in determining the winner. The 21-year-old Jang, a former Korean national team player, said: “It’s a windy course. The second shots are very important because the greens are small and undulating. The fairway conditions are perfect and I have to hit my irons well this week.

“Taiwan players are very strong in windy conditions. I must try my best to beat them to win. My goal is to win at least once and finish top-five in the Order of Merit at the end (of the season).”

Walailak, a 29-year-old Bangkok native who returned to Thailand two years ago after more than a decade in America, said she favoured windy conditions as she grew up playing on a flat course open to the elements.

“This course is windy, not that long. I think it’s set up kind of short. There are only a few tough holes, but it’s in great condition,” said the two-time winner on the Canadian Tour. “The greens, the fairways are just perfect. I like this golf course. It will be fun.”

Shang Linyan, who closed with a final round 67 in Beijing last weekend to finish equal 10th, is hoping to keep the trophy in China. She currently sits second on the Order of Merit and is looking to move up this week with many of the Tour regulars absent, opting to play in Chinese Taipei at a Ladies Asian Tour event.

Shang said: “The golf course is beautiful but the wind is strong. The scores will depend on the wind. The fairways are wide here, but the rough is horrible and frightening. I prefer no wind.”

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QD Traffic Bureau Gets On Taobao

May 31, 2013 in About Qingdao by Steven

The Traffic Management Bureau of the Qingdao Municipal Gov’t is now handling administrative issues related to driver licenses and car license plates online on, one of the biggest e-commerce websites in China. The move is meant to ease the workload and long lines at physical offices of the bureau.

More info on Qingdao’s foray onto Taobao:

People who want to renew their driver’s license can now do so with just a few clicks, after a government department moved part of its operations online.

The online shop on, a major shopping website in China, was opened by the vehicle management department of the Qingdao Traffic Management Bureau on Monday.

Internet users can apply for replacements of their driving licenses for a variety of vehicles, as well as handle other transport-related affairs on the site.

Customers are charged for the cost and delivery fee of the driving license or number plate, according to the website.

Chen Lei, a spokesman for the vehicle management department, said on Thursday that the launch of the online shop was inspired by the success of the department’s micro blog.

Qingdao Cheguan, the department’s micro blog on Sina Weibo, opened in 2011. It had nearly 84,000 followers as of Thursday.

Those micro bloggers, who are mostly younger people, are potentially more interested in online shopping, which made the department’s online project possible, Chen said.

Micro blogging website Sina Weibo and Alibaba, the parent company of, allow user accounts to share information on both platforms.

Chen added the vehicle management department will provide more online services in the future should there be more demand for them.

From Global Times:

The vehicle management administration of Qingdao, Shandong Province, has become China’s first government department to set up a store on the e-commerce platform

The store, which opened to business on a trial basis on Tuesday, had seen some 50 deals made as of Thursday afternoon. Meanwhile, five buyers also graded the service after receiving the goods by giving it a five-star rating, the top score.

Local drivers can use the store to replace lost driving licenses and license plates and annual license renewal verifications without having to go in person.

“Our administration opened a Sina Weibo account last year, and soon attracted 80,000 followers, most of whom are online shoppers,” Chen Lei, chief of the agency’s secretariat division, told the Global Times, adding that many Web users are seeking more flexible ways, for example, online, to apply for new licenses.

Chen also said the range of its online business may be expanded.

Buyers who apply for a missing driving license have to fill in a form, take a photo of their ID card, car and themselves holding the ID card, then send all those files to the administration’s staff via the platform’s online chat application, and pay the money.

After verification, the administration will make the license and deliver it back through a courier company.

“We will strictly review the files in order to protect the legal rights of Web users,” said Chen, adding that all the charges are in accordance with the standard approved by the price-setting authorities.

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Nicklaus Cup 6.27 – 29

May 26, 2013 in Events, Sports by Steven

The Jack Nicklaus Academy at Ten Times Golf Resort (owned/operated by real estate conglomerate Tiantai) will hold the inaugural Nicklaus Cup in Jimo, a suburb of Qingdao, from June 27 to 29, 2013. The 3 day program includes a Pro Am and golf tournament with some of the best golfers in China. Ten Times resort’s resident pro is PGA Golf Professional Gordy Walker. More info on the Nicklaus Academy from the Nicklaus Travel website.

More info from the World Golf Newswire:

Ten Times Golf & Hot Springs Resort, managed by CHS Hospitality Group and Nicklaus Academies will be hosting the 1st Annual Nicklaus Cup on June 27, 28 and 29, 2013 in Qingdao, China. The event will include a Media Day, a Pro-Am and a Sponsors / VIP Day. Nicklaus Academies will provide clinics and presentations for each of the events (schedule of events to follow).

The Nicklaus Academy Cup will be attended by a number of Certified Nicklaus Academy instructors from around the world. In addition to conducting clinics each day, the Instructors will participate in the Pro-Am tournament as well as participate in a number of round-table forums to exchange ideas and concepts with their international counterparts. The Academy Cup will highlight the proven teaching philosophy of the Jack Nicklaus Academy of Golf facilities. With over 20-years of success in Asia, and now with facilities open in 10 countries, Nicklaus Academies is in the forefront of delivering the highest quality and most effective golf instruction around the world.

The Nicklaus Academy at Ten Times Resort ( opened June 2012 and is the official training center for the Shandong Province Golf Team. Lead by Gordy Walker, PGA, the Academy has proven successful in developing programs for the members of Ten Times, guests at the resort, and in conjunction with local schools, a dynamic junior development program.

Nicklaus Cup Qingdao Tiantai Ten Times Resort

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Artistic Stone Creations

May 25, 2013 in Photos by Gars

Obviously, art is just in the eyes of the beholder. Even that name- Artistic Stone Creations – is totally subjective. Only people- homo sapiens- would think that it could be considered art, and still then again there exists with absolute certainty, a group of people with non-art impressions about the stones. They would be stone sellers.

Up in the mountains most of the people breaking rocks (dashitou) are from Linyi. These tend to be the absolute nicest guys you ever met. There is a certain conviviality of spirit which they all seem to share. And whenyou bump into them, they share it with you. Consequently, upon departing from an encounter with one of these guys, I always end up feeling happier than before.

There is something inherently good about that.

Which means that there is something inherently good about these people.


None of this helps in any way with the problem of naming these stones. It should be noted that these stones came from the Great Central East Ridge of Xiaozhushan, in Lingshanwei. And in the photos are two, different large piles of boulders. That is not the same pile of boulders shot from different angles. Check out how one pile of boulders has sharp, jutted features shining in the sun.

Also, note the photo with the “balancing rocks.” Here’s my theory:

First of all, Xiaozhushan, after is was created, was eventually submerged at the bottom of the sea. (The oceans rose.) While at the bottom of the sea, the Qingdao mountains became covered in sand. This sand is all right around the bottom of the mountain in Lingshanwei and Qingan. Well, while the sand was there, these boulders in the photo
eroded and fell into a position similar to what you see in the photo— except back then, there was sand everywhere, holding the rock in place.

Eons passed. There was probably a continental lift of land and/or the sea level decreased. Seismic activity could have been involved.

Once the Artistic Stone Creations (for lack of a better name) became *above* the ocean, the sand started washing away with every rain. Finally, all of the sand was washed away, and the rocks collapsed into the artistic stone jive which we see here, but I’m not sure if this theory is correct.

Artistic Stone Creations Qingdao

Artistic Stone Creations Qingdao

Artistic Stone Creations Qingdao

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Qingdao Photos: Lingshanwei Parade

May 25, 2013 in About Qingdao, Photos by Gars

Of all the wonderful places in Qingdao, Lingshanwei Town is one of the classics. Originally, during the Ming and especially the Qing Dynasty, it was one of the major defensive naval forts of China. There were only 12 such coastal forts in China (like TainjinWei and WeihaiWei). Lingshanwei was an important outpost on the imperial schedule.

In fact, a march through Xiaoshushan next to Lingshanwei will grant punters a chance to see ancient stone relics from the imperial era. Not many realize that Qingdao, so remote from the center of the empire (and in fact, Qingdao did not exist during imperial times), would have such old relics. These can be seen in ancient stone houses, stone bridges, and stone terraces built into the side of the mountain. It’s history at its finest.

Lingshanwei Parade Pink Qingdao

On Linghai Road, the central road running through Lingshanwei, lies the Town God Temple. This is a temple devoted to the gods of Lingshanwei, which of course was a very common type of temple during the imperial era. Every city or town had its own gods and temples.

As it were, the Town God temple had a festival the other day, and the festival ended with a parade down Lingshan Road. Traffic was stopped all around, causing many to re-route over ten minutes around the town.

The parade was a splendid public affair. Whenever Lingshanwei has a parade, everyone enjoys it. Linghai Road is the central road in Lingshanwei.

You can say that “everything happens on Linghai Road.”

And so it was on this day. The joyous people in the parade made their way down the street, while everyone from every shop came out to watch. The parade dancers showed their utmost enthusiasm. Dancing lions jumped and made people cheer. We can see some famous faces from Chinese history here…. all on a great morning in Lingshanwei.

Lingshanwei Parade Lion Dance Qingdao

Lingshanwei Parade Sedan Chair Qingdao

Lingshanwei Parade Qingdao Pig Zhu

Lingshanwei Parade Qingdao Spring 2013

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Qingdao Airlines Is A Go

May 25, 2013 in About Qingdao by Steven

Coming soon to an airport near you: Qingdao Airlines will begin operations out of Qingdao Liuting Airport, according to plans recently approved by the CAAC (Civil Aviation Administration of China). The plans for the new airline have been in the making for a while. According to the 12th Fifth Year Plan of the CAAC, Qing Hang (Qingdao Hang Kong Gong Si, aka Qingdao Airlines) will serve as a portal to neighboring South Korea and Japan. More info below.

More from Mark Elliott at Travel Daily Asia:

China’s aviation authorities have approved the launch of a new airline, based in the northeastern port city of Qingdao.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) announced on its website that it has given the green light to the establishment of Qingdao Airlines. The move follows the recent revision of new airline registration rules, making it easier for new carriers to be established.

The CAAC suspended all new airline applications in 2007, and reinforced the ruling following the crash of a Henan Airways passenger aircraft in 2010.

The revised rules however, mean that the Nanshan Group, which is based close to Qingdao in Shandong province, can proceed with plans for the creation of Qingdao Airlines. The new carrier will be based at Qingdao’s Liuting International Airport, and will initially operate a fleet of Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 jets on domestic routes.

The Nanshan Group will inject CNY550 million (US$89m) into the new airline, with a further CNY250m to be injected by Qingdao Transportation Development Group. Air China’s subsidiary, Shandong Airlines, will supply Qingdao Airlines with CNY200m worth of aircraft.

The creation of Qingdao Airlines would mark the second new airline launch since the CAAC lifted the suspension on the creation of new airlines, following the approval of Yunnan-based Ruili Airlines on 6 May 2013.

More news about CAAC approval of Qingdao Airlines:

CAAC Southeast Regional Administration has checked and given an approval to build Qingdao Liuting International Airport (TAO)-based Qingdao Airlines, which was jointly proposed by Qingdao Municipal Transport Development Group Co., Ltd.(QMTD), Nanshan Group Co., Ltd. (Nanshan Group), and Shandong Airlines Co., Ltd. (SC).

The new entity will have a registered capital of 1 billion yuan, of which 55% will be invested by Nanshan Group with 550 million yuan, 25% by QMTD with 250 million yuan and 20% by SC with aircraft. It will operate Boeing B737 or Airbus A320 aircraft and is approved to carry on domestic air passenger and cargo transportation.

CAAC has begun soliciting submissions on Qingdao airlines and said that the approval will be granted unless it is informed of reasonable grounds to reconsider the plan.

The new carrier will initially introduce professional technicians from SC, and employ engineers, flight dispatchers, cabin crew and other staff by open recruitments.

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QD Student Gets Anti-Quake Patent

May 17, 2013 in About Qingdao by Steven

A student from Qingdao Technological University has contributed her expertise and brilliance to the benefit of those of us who live in and around tall buildings. Wu Xueli received a patent for a model that helps to keep high rises from collapsing during an earthquake. Congrats to Ms. Wu, and thanks for working to make the world a safer place.

More info on Qingdao student Wu Xueli’s achievement:

Wu Xueli, a senior student from Qingdao Technological University in Qingdao City in east China’s Shandong Province, recently received a patent for her utility model of her self-invented isolation bracket for high-rise buildings.

Wu said that the isolation bracket is a kind of layer between the pile foundation and main building and that it acts as a buffer.

Wu said that many buildings built in Sichuan after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake used isolation brackets to reduce the risk of damages from earthquakes. However, she said that the commonly-used isolation bracket is only effective to reduce top-down earthquakes and is not helpful in reducing left-to-right earthquakes. Her invention addresses that problem.

Wu and her five-member team invented a device that will eliminate earthquake energy. According to teachers at the Qingdao Technological University, the isolation bracket is able to resist an 8.0-magnitude earthquake.

(Source: by

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Walls and Doors of Li Jia He

May 16, 2013 in About Qingdao by Gars

A Last Link to China’s Ancient Culture

The mountainous region of Xiaozhushan is an unappreciated wonder of Qingdao. Li Jia He is a village just east of Xiaozhushan, in a valley in a valley. It’s a small village. Usually people out of the mountain region have never heard of it.

The Hills of Qingdao are pleasant… they are so pleasant that sometimes you can’t stand it. You can cut it with a knife, and then with the air blowing off of the sea (yes, the Yellow Sea), it’s just too good to handle. You look down the valley and there’s the sea.

There’s the island, Lingshan Dao right. It’s an overload of too many pleasant things at the same time. “It doesn’t get any better than this.” And then that air. It’s so delicious. Sometimes you fill your lungs with it and smile.

“Kong qi hao!” the peasants here boast. “Shui hao he!”

There are only three villages left in the hills East of Xiaozhushan. Babylon is advancing into the mountains. In a matter of time, all of the ancient culture of the hills will be a memory. These villages are the last link to that ancient past.

Imagine: the villages have been there since Ming times at least. When the villages are destroyed, the people move into apartments. But the apartments, one might say, have the culture of Babylon. So in a way, it’s the final end of a long tradition of Chinese village culture.

Here are some walls and doors of one of these last villages. This village is called Li Jia He, and no, nobody in the village is named Li.

Li Jia He Village Xia Zhu Shan Qingdao Door

Li Jia He Village Xia Zhu Shan Qingdao Door Couplets

Li Jia He Village Xia Zhu Shan Qingdao

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Strong Ale Works

May 16, 2013 in About Qingdao by Steven

Qingdao based craft brewer Strong Ale Works took over the coffee shop next door to the brewery and turned it into their tap house. They’ve got all the beers pouring in a cool place to enjoy them. Check out the latest innovation in Qingdao beer culture from SAW at Daxue Lu #10 & 12. Call 136.0896.4700 for more info. Check out some pics below. More info on Qingdao craft brewing here.

Strong Ale Works Qingdao Tap House Beer

Strong Ale Works Tap House Room

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2013 Qingdao Fashion Week

May 11, 2013 in Photos by Steven

Check out the 2013 Qingdao International Fashion Week photos courtesy of, and also view some videos of the show from QTV below.

2013 Qingdao International Fashion Week Models Photo

2013 Qingdao International Fashion Week Models Photo

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The Wave, Muscat Takes Extreme Qingdao 2013

May 8, 2013 in About Qingdao by Steven

The Wave, Muscat out of Oman has taken the Extreme Sailing Series in Qingdao yet again. Congrats to the winners. Overall, Alinghi is leading The Wave, Muscat by 1 point in the 2013 Extreme Sailing Series. Thanks to all who made this event a success in Qingdao. See overall results and more info below.

More info on The Wave, Muscat’s win in Qingdao

MUSCAT — A nerve-jangling final day’s racing in Fushan Bay saw The Wave, Muscat lock horns with rivals Alinghi and emerge triumphant to retain their China crown of the Extreme Sailing Series 2013 Act 3 in Qingdao, according to a press release issued by Oman Sail yesterday. It was the hardest and closest racing they had ever been part of, said Musab al Hadi, one of five Oman Sail crew who fought hard throughout all four days to return The Wave, Muscat to the top of the podium following the frustrations in Singapore.
Going into the final double pointer race, The Wave, Muscat had a slim four point advantage over the Swiss team, their overnight lead having been whittled down by some outstanding light airs tactics and manoeuvres from skipper Morgan Larson and his team. A classic match race between Larson and Oman Sail’s Leigh McMillan in the final race saw the lead — and Qingdao honours — change hands at crucial times and before the final leg, lying in fourth place The Wave, Muscat looked to be defeated before they made a late surge into second to earn the win.

“It was a bit tense but we are massively relieved to get back on top,” said an exhausted but happy McMillan afterwards. “Morgan in his typical style took us by surprise when we were second or third — we weren’t expecting him to get a move on up and we were caught unaware and took a penalty. “From there it was a real battle with him having a dig at us and us having a dig at him but all the time they were eating into our lead. At the end they pushed us down to fourth at the top mark which would have cost us the trophy but we managed to pull back into second which gave us the win but it was nerve-wracking.”
McMillan paid tribute to his winning team of Pete Greenhalgh, Ed Smyth, Musab al Hadi and Will Howden saying the disruptions at the start of the week, where regular Omani crew Hashim al Rashdi was taken ill with appendicitis and was replaced by Howden, had made little difference to team dynamics. “We are a strong team with Hashim and we are a strong team with Will but we are looking forward to having Hashim back on the boat when he has recovered,” he said.

The high tension involved in successfully defending their Qingdao title when they were being chased so hard by Alinghi had made the contest the hardest and closest in their Extreme careers said Musab al Hadi. “It wasn’t easy and we were a bit nervous on the starts. We were watching Alinghi and they were watching us and the pressure was intense but this was what we had been planning for. “It was the hardest and the closest racing I have ever been part of. But we enjoyed it in the end — the support I had from my friends and family in Oman helped me a lot. There were messages telling me we should keep on pushing and we did.”
Earlier in the day, McMillan who as skipper of The Wave, Muscat plays a vital role in teaching younger sailors at Oman Sail what it takes to compete at the top level, took part in an educational session at the Extreme Club in the Race Village on Fushan Bay. He gave a sailing lesson to 20 Chinese students from Qingdao’s Laoshan Zhonghan and Fushan elementary schools and using Oman Sail’s championship winning Extreme 40 The Wave, Muscat, showed the children a range of basic sailing manouvres to excite their interest in the sport.

The Qingdao win leaves The Wave, Muscat in second place overall on the 2013 Extreme Sailing Series leaderboard, trailing Alinghi by just one point. The two boats will resume their duel in Act 4 of the Extreme Sailing Series in Turkey from June 20 to 23. “It looks like we could be having a nice little tussle with Alinghi for the rest of the series but they seem to have a magic touch in the very light airs so we need to look at how we can reduce that advantage,” McMillan said.

ESS 2013 Act 3 standings (after Day 4): 1 The Wave, Muscat (OMA) 202 pts, 2 Alinghi (SUI) 200 pts, 3 SAP Extreme Sailing Team (DEN) 191 pts, 4 GAC Pindar (NZL) 181 pts, 5 Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) 168 pts, 6 Team Korea (KOR) 163 pts, 7 Realteam (SUI) 154 pts, 8 China Team (CHN) 145 pts.

    Extreme Sailing Series 2013 overall standings after Act 3, Qingdao

    Position / Team / Points

  • Alinghi (SUI) 27 points.
  • The Wave, Muscat (OMA) 26 points.
  • Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) 24 points.
  • SAP Extreme Sailing Team (DEN) 20 points.
  • Team Korea (KOR) 16 points.
  • GAC Pindar (NZL) 16 points.
  • Realteam (SUI) 14 points.
  • Team X Invitational 13 points.

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Image Credit @ Lloyd Images