Organics in Qingdao

Organic products are gaining more market share and shelf space than ever before in Qingdao, even amidst controversy over certification methods in China. Check out where to get products in Qingdao that have been labeled as certified organic. Many of these outlets stock food as well as some personal care products such as soaps and toothpaste labeled as organic, green or natural. Farmer co-ops are here as well – visit a natural egg farmer in Laoshan’s Beizhai area and sign up for food straight from the source. Leave a comment below to let us know of other places in Qingdao that sell natural and organic products.

Jusco / Hisense

These 2 supermarkets have the best selection of organic vegetables and grains produced by Haimengyuan in Weifang, Shandong. Local and organic lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, greens, and more by Japanese venture Daichi, who also have a small shop just off Xianggang Dong Lu (near the Impulse fitness just past Ocean University of China). The supermarket in Hisense carries toothpaste, soap, etc from brands like Waleda and Seventh Generation.

RT Mart

Da Run Fa (formerly known as Da Fu Yuan, a name still used by local residents) has a combination of conversion to organic and full organic products, including grains, vegetables, and fruits.

Live Your Way / Marina City

Small shop in the huge mall next to the Olympic Sailing Center with the Chinese name Liang Sheng Li Fu/良生丽芙. They sell personal products including Aubrey Organics shampoos, Zum bar soap, Tom’s of Maine and Waleda toothpaste. Not everything is 100% organic, but classified as ‘natural’ at any rate. Check out their website (Chinese) for more info.

Organics Aubrey Qingdao

Organics Qingdao Shopping

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  1. What about the shop behind Mykal called “Wholly Worth”? I haven’t been inside but judging from a quick look from the street it also looks like a shop with mostly organic stuff. Or maybe I’m just mislead by the name….

    • I think that shop has a lot of bulk foods but not organic. My friend used to buy big bags of cashews there and said good things about the place. Could the name be a take off on Woolworth’s ?

  2. A buddy of mine supplies the organics at Jusco from a farm near Shanghai, he also distributes to restaurants like Trattoria Verde that are committed to organic produce. He’s willing to do regular deliveries in the city too, get in touch with me if you’d like to connect with him. (it’s the stuff).

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