Recently received in our inbox:
We are a group of college students studying in Ocean University of China in Qingdao. We are all involved with the Student Work Department. Last year we volunteered in Xi’ji, Ningxia, a place regarded as inhospitable terrain by UNESCO. We stayed in an orphanage there for more than a week. During this week, the food was always the same, potatoes with red pepper. Every family stores rainwater because of the shortage of water.

We think we have achieved much at the orphanage. We taught them English, music, science and helped them learn more about the ocean – which they might never see in their entire lives. We told them a lot about the world to broaden their horizons. Some of the kids are disabled, so we also tried our best to help them build more confidence. During the whole process of our trip, we deeply felt that those kids are really in need of help from the whole society.

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