NSWE, the international K-12 department of the Qingdao Tianshan School (Middle School No. 58), will hold its annual Sports Day on Friday, May 27 on the school ground. Over 200 NSWE students will compete in the track and field meet that runs throughout the day, in addition to competing in “The Fun Games” such as the tug-of-war, the potato sack race, egg-in-spoon race and the grand finale: the water balloon toss.

Sports Day is designed to encourage physical fitness, sportsmanship, and healthy living for youth of all skill levels from primary to secondary school ages at NSWE.

Sports Day Planning Committee Chairman and Chief Judge, Kevin Carbone, first-year NSWE teacher and veteran of nine Olympic Games: “This year, we’re working very hard to ‘raise the bar’ with proper planning and solid organization to ensure the highest level of competition for our students. We also want the students to experience the joy of sport and have fun while competing.”

Event winners will be awarded with Olympic-style medals in gold, silver and bronze at the Closing Ceremony in the afternoon. Medals will be awarded by NSWE Superintendent Yun-wu Zang and Principal Bill Tucker.

NSWE Qingdao International School Sports Day

NSWE Qingdao International School Sports Day

NSWE Sports Day Qingdao

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