Ni Shi Sheying Shi Ma?

Announcing the QINGDAO(nese) Photo Challenge

Submit photos to Both b/w and color shots are encouraged; film, digital, Lomo, Polaroids – whatever format you use to best depict the subject. This month we are seeking images of “music”. Interpretations can be loose – the only real condition is that the image be taken in or around Qingdao.

All images remain the property of their respective authors/owners and no license or copyright is claimed by QINGDAO(nese) other than right of display our website as a part of the Photo Challenge. The QINGDAO(nese) Photo Challenge is curated by QINGDAO(nese) with help from local photographer Marc Montebello.

Check out this earlier submission by Marcus Murphy in full below.

Marcus Murphy Qingdao Photo Challenge

Email your photos to:

Relevant Links:
QINGDAO(nese) on Flickr

Photo Credit @ Marcus Murphy

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  1. Cool!

    Now to dust off the camera and get out into the city!


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