The 2014 Qingdao International Horticulture Exposition is now open in Laoshan district, near Beizhai. There are pavilions from countries around the world, such as the New Zealand pavilion featured on the Expo website (photos and info here).

If you’re interested to head out to the Expo, now is a good time, before the summer tourist crowds of July and August descend on Qingdao. Usually June is a month of study, tests, gao kao, etc, for most families with school age kids in China, and so right now is a good time to enjoy the “pleasing visual effect and ample sunshine of New Zealand” at the Qingdao Expo. More info from the Expo official website below.

The New Zealand pavilion, located in the western end of the Qingdao International Horticultural Exposition, is a Maori building of unique style. The surrounding landscape has been designed to create a microrelief made of soil, with a dry stream consisting of stones. On this microrelief, there are arbors, shrubs and colorful flowers, which make up a pleasing visual effect and show off the ample sunshine of New Zealand.

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