Liangyou Books & Cafe hosts an exhibition of paintings by Ren Zhong Yuan (任重远) in Qingdao from January 12 to February 12, 2014. Entrance is free – the gallery is connected to the bookstore cafe at 5 Anhui Lu (corner of Guangxi Lu, one block off the coast near Zhan Qiao Pier). View an album of Ren Zhong Yuan works to be shown.

When: January 12 to February 12, 2014
Venue: Liangyou Books
Location: 5 Anhui Lu / 安徽路5号

New Youth was a cultural magazine that was associated with the May 4th (1919) movement and arts/literature after WW1, when Chinese intellectuals responded to a changing nation under siege from within and without. You can find copies of original New Youth Literature mags (Chinese) at Liangyou, along with bilingual books and postcards focused on Qingdao’s history. The poster and other materials for the show use the style of the old covers, as seen to the left in the poster for the current show.

New Youth and Qingdao are closely intertwined, as Qingdao became a popular spot for Chinese writers in the 1920’s and 30’s. Read more about the Lao She museum in Qingdao, which commemorates the famous author who wrote Rickshaw Boy on Huangxian Lu while teaching at Shandong University. Check out Qingdao Stories: Xiao Hong for info on finding the house Xiao Hong lived in before she went to Shanghai to hang with Lu Xun, a founder of the New Youth mag.

Today, the majority of Qingdao’s artists are painters and sculptors. Liangyou Books and Prince Henry Hotel have both hosted exhibitions in the New Youth artist series since 2010. See more on previous New Youth exhibitions by Dan Hong, Li Lan, and Lv Nan.

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