My Qingdao: Photography by Yang Guang is now available in bookstores around Qingdao, such as Xueyuan and Sonospace in Creative 100. Yang Guang is a long time documentarian of his hometown. He writes in the preface to his new book:

If you look at every individual photo in this album, you may not find specific content regarding the recording of things. However, when they entirely appear in front of you, they are my on-the-spot report of Qingdao city during a period of time. Every photograph is a panel point of spatio-temporal intersection, a record on a wider sense. That is also why I named it “My Qingdao”. When we look at photography as an artistic pursuit, the most confusing problem is what to shoot and why shoot. Many shutterbugs must experience that. After exceeding the simple technique threshold and elementary photographic experience, one will usually feel no way to begin on the deeper spiritual level. “My Qingdao” is my answer sheet to this question.

Check out photos from My Qingdao on Yang Guang’s website and below.

My Qingdao Photography By Yang Guang

My Qingdao Photography By Yang Guang

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