A couple Huangdao Kaifaqu acts added to the bill: Silas Lang plus a new incarnation of the Dukes, with Gar, Yue Cheng, Pei, Zhang Ming Chen. Still only 15 yuan (RMB) to see 6 local musical acts. Info: 135.8320.6332.

A Qingdao bandapalooza this month: The Battle Of The Bands at the Redstar on January 30 including Dama Llamas (大妈辣妈), The Molice, BuTFuNK, and Victorious War (胜战), with more TBC. Each band will play a maximum 30 minute set from 7 pm onwards. Last year’s Battle was packed to the rafters with hundreds of local punters, so it’s best to arrive early and stake out your seat on the circular stairs in the Redstar office. Not to be missed, this is one of the coolest musical events of the year.

When: January 30, 2010, 7 pm
Venue: Redstar, 100 Nanjing Lu, Creative 100, 3-401
Tickets: 15 yuan (RMB)
Info: 135 8320 6332
Chinese Info: 乐战乐勇演唱会 南京路100号 创意100产业园 3-401

Band info (courtesy Neil Bhullar):

The Molice

This group have been playing around town and have been regular features at REDSTAR’s Unplugged open mic night for the last year. The foursome, hailing from Japan, are an eclectic mixture of heavy metal guitar solos and late 60s-early 70s pastiche, with Morimoto Norikazu’s ripping, effects-laden riffs lying an odd background to Mori Eiji’s subdued, relaxed vocals.

Victorious War

Taidong heavy metal stalwarts, Victorious War are perhaps more recognisable as the team behind the Rolling Stone Music Store, and when they are not rocking Qingdao to its core (though by their own admission they haven’t played a great many live shows lately), they are providing the town with its premier source of high-end music equipment, and using their lofty musical skills to educate the younger generation in the ways of shred guitar solos and the double bass drum. Kudos for keeping the dream alive, put your bull horns in the air for this quartet of well-arranged and locally renowned talent.


Probably the most talented band on display, BuTFuNK is the latest project of long-term expatriate, Marc Montebello (formerly lead guitarist with The billKillers), a group whose perpetually rotating members have included almost every expat (and almost every local) in town that claims to be a musician. This is a group for whom the emphasis is on producing a perfect sound, no matter which genre they are replicating. The combination of Montebello’s unsurpassed phrasing, with recent arrival Russell Clinton’s fluid basslines and Kel’s vocals, and perennially performing Liang Dong, a drum instructor at Qingdao Calvin Modern Music School, is one of the local music scene’s most awe-inspiring experiences. You’ve probably listened to them adding to the atmosphere at Freeman Cafe, but we wholeheartedly hope that they steal the show on 30 January.

The Dama Llamas

“Pisspot Punkers,” whose, “Fratrock peppered with wah-wah riffs,” has been making ripples across Shandong recently return to REDSTAR Live after supporting Canada’s Hollerado and Immaculate Machine on their China tours last month. An odd mix of hip-hop, math rock, screaming and wacky guitar noises to greet the less-sober members of the audience.

In association with… Rolling Stone Music Store 滚石琴行
Guitarists looking to purchase equipment in town are advised to check out this store, a store that doesn’t deal in non-genuine items, that stocks a range of locally-produced Epiphones and non-locally produced Marshall equipment, and whose staff have ties to Beijing should the guitarist in question be unable to find what they’re looking for here.

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