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    Great read about driving in China from a Harley cruise experience in/around Qingdao and Laoshan.


    After several days of this dangerous dance, what seemed like sheer madness became an orchestrated ballet of rhythm and motion. My breathing relaxed, pulse slowed and instead of fixating on random moving targets, I saw the entire surreal scene unfolding like a lotus blossom before me. It became a beautiful, effortless ebb and flow of man, machine and motion. I had found Zen and the Art of motorcycling in China. In all this chaos I saw how well the Chinese navigate the space around them. Coming within inches of each other, they never flinched or showed anger; they were just going from point A to B. The Chinese I rode with are some of the most courteous, considerate and hospitable people I’ve ever met. I spent time with Yin Jianming and five generations of his family that all lived in the same house. They didn’t speak a lick of English nor I Mandarin, but we communicated just fine. They even invited me to their 30th wedding anniversary celebration.

    Right Of Way Vs First Is Right
    Upon my return to Shanghai, I was presented with an honorary Shanghai HOG Chapter patch. In an impromptu ceremony, they toasted and beamed “Congratulations, you survived.” I have newfound friends and respect for the people and its culture, not to mention new respect for the durability of a Harley-Davidson. Deemed worthy to ride with this elite group of riders, I wear my patch proudly.

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