About Me


Stephen Carrasco


April 18, 1989






Arlington Heights, IL

Years in Qingdao

Planning to visit when I have the time and money for it :)

About Me

I recently knew about the beauty and splendor of Qingdao from my friends who went there. I was very jealous when I heard their experiences during their visit which made me want to go there myself. Unfortunately, since I'm just an average student, I couldn't because of insufficient funds and my commitment to my studies.

I really want to go to there even if it means that I have to take up a part-time job and I could use my talents in writing to become an essay writer which could generate a bit of funds for my trip. I'll write as many <a href="http://www.superiorpapers.com/custom_essay.php">custom essays</a> as I can just to visit that place at any cost.