About Me


Marinus (Mark) Boekelman


May 29, 1943





Years in Qingdao


About Me

I am a 4th year art student at OCAD University (drawing and painting) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am still taking part time courses, whenever I can to complete a BFA in painting/drawing. I have been painting landscapes and, fishingboats and turn of the century churches and buildings in Qingdoa. I also have painted figure, and portraits. My medium is oil. When I worked in Yantai I was fortunate to find a private art school/studio that was affordable, were I could paint and also consult a teacher/instructor when needed. In Qingdoa I have not been able to find a similar kind of environment after one year of trying to find a school/studio and/or a teacher/instructor or studio group I can join . Are there no art schools, art courses art studios, art teachers, art groups in Qingdoa that I can join?