Alliance française de Qingdao hosts Mars En Folie on March 23, 2012. The musicians set to appear include Simon Nwambeben (France/Cameroun, Classic Bitibak), Alexandre Desilets (Canada, pop-rock), Manou Gallo (Belgium/Ivory Coast, afro-beat funk), and Mama Rosin (Switzerland, zydeco/Cajun-Creole). See more details on the musicians below.

For more info and free ticket inquires email them or check out their website. The show will be at the Laoshan campus of Ocean University on Songling Lu. Call 8590.6232 for more info.

When: March 23, 7 pm
Venue: Ocean University (Laoshan) / 海洋大学崂山区
Location: 238 Songling Lu / 松岭路238号
Tickets: Free

More info from the Alliance française de Qingdao:

To celebrate the 17th “Francophone world Festival” in China, the Alliance francaise network in China, the Embassies of Canada, Switzerland and Belgium, the Wallonia-Brussels Delegation in China, as well as the Quebec Offices in China invite you to a musical journey through the Francophone world: MARS EN FOLIE 2012!

This year, we are happy to introduce an unprecedented formula: 8 cities, 4 groups, 2 concerts at each venue and one goal: swinging wih Francophone rhythms!

We will invite you to discover the haunting melodies of Simon Nwambeben (France/Cameroon, Bitibak Classic), the intimate pop of Alexandre Désilets (Canada, pop rock), the swinging funk of Manou Gallo (Belgium/Ivory Coast, afro-beat funk) and the voodoo rhythms of Mama Rosin (Switzerland, zydeco/Cajun-Creole).

This is a unique event, on tour in your city and open to everyone. An occasion not to be missed!

SIMON NWAMBEBEN (France/Cameroun, Classic Bitibak)
A beautiful voice, a guitar, a handful of musicians, an extreme sensitivity, beautiful song-writing: Simon Nwambeben has it all. He teaches us, in a brilliant way and without concessions, how to create beautiful art works from simple musical expression. His songs will aways catch your attention, and will never go unnoticed.. « Bitibak »: he called his musical style after a mixture of barks, leaves and plants which is used to stop fever. His music can also heal the listeners, particularly those who believe that songs and world music mean feast and sun. Using delicacy and simplicity, this young singer reminds us that music can ease daily life.
Created in 2010 with the support of Adami, the General Council of Loire-Atlantique, the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire and of Champilambart (Vallet).

Simon Nwambeben : guitar & vocals
Murielle Schreder : harpe
Erwan Martinerie : cello
Samuel Lecomte : drum jazz

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ALEXANDRE DÉSILETS (Canada, pop-rock)
With “La Garde”, the singer-songwriter does it again by taking on the challenge and siding with creativity. A gifted and inventive melodist, he plays around with various genres, hitting right on target. Surrounded by musical director Jean Massicotte, writer Mathieu Leclerc and his musicians, Alexandre takes us from one surprise to the other, dodging easy comparisons. One is carried from organic rhythms, to vinyl crackles, to retro-futuristic settings without ever losing focus! Amidst renewal and continuity, after an acclaimed first album, “La Garde” is first and foremost an affirmation of Alexandre’s talent and unquenchable pleasure for daring musical arrangements, strong melodies and words that move.

Distinct and unique showman, Alexandre leads us, along with his musicians, into a world in which each composition takes on a whole new dimension, leaving us… intoxicated for a long time!

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MANOU GALLO (Belgium/Ivory Coast, afro-beat funk)
Now leading her own band, Manou Gallo has been a singer, a bass player, a percussion player and a dancer! She grooves just for fun on afrobeat rhythms, mixing soul, funk and blues to bring us a hot world music full of emotion and sensitivities expressed in various languages (Dida, French and English). She is an explosive musician who will make you swing from head to toe!

Manou Gallo : bass, guitar & vocals
Virna Nova : guitar & vocals

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MAMA ROSIN (Switzerland, zydeco/Cajun-Creole)
Somehow Mama Rosin found the original soul of Louisiana on the banks of Lake Geneva! With their Cajun and zydeco music – mixed with rock’n’roll – the trio seriously shakes up the traditional genres: you’ll see that the only constant result is the desire to move, dance…

Cajun music was brought by French immigrants from Canada to Louisiana where fast rhythms met slow waltz. Zydeco music further added Afro‐Caribbean rhythms. Songs are sung in French and in Creole. The vocals are usually sung very high and loud, so that everyone, even at the very back, can hear them!

Robin Girod: guitar, banjo, washboard, vocals
Cyril Yeterian: melodeon, vocals, guitar
Xavier “Gérard Guilan” Bray: drum

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