Qingdao is one of China’s busiest ports (World Port Source ranks QD second in China for international trade and Marine Insight ranks it 9th in the world). That means that some, if not many, of the Nouveau riche tooling around town in Benzs and Caddys are logistics millionaires.

The original Qingdao Port is the site of the Dagang Co. who proclaim “We do everything for all customers, we chase customers’ satisfaction” on the official Qingdao Port website. Da Gang is the area of Qingdao where the port is – it means ‘Big Harbor’- in Old Town near Zhongshan Lu / Guantao Lu. Recently Maersk shifted a million teu (measurement in shipping meaning twenty-foot equivalent unit) in less than a year at Qingdao Port, the first shipping line to do so.

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The leading shipping company Maersk Lines has achieved 1m teu at Qingdao port during only ten and a half months, and becomes the first shipping line which operates over 1m teu at the port.

“As the north China hub of Maersk Line, Qingdao performs well, Maersk Group has cooperated with Qingdao port for a long time, our business here is steady,” an official from Maersk Qingdao branch told SinoShip News.

Currently, Maersk Line has 11 global services calling at Qingdao port.

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