Made in Qingdao: Solar Panels

Solar power is one of the great hopes of the future for cleaner, more sustainable energy. Solar water heaters are fairly commonplace on Qingdao apartment blocks, with many buildings crowned by cylindrical tanks and solar panels that provide sun scented showers of hot water on sunny days.

Not only is solar power a great contribution to the green movement, it’s also a cheaper or even free way to provide electricity for the home. Some people in American homes are now sending electricity back to the utility company.

Right here in Qingdao, the Spanish company Zytech has been making solar panels for European and North American markets in the Qingdao Hi-Tech Zone (Zhuzhou Lu in Laoshan district) since 2006.

Made In Qingdao Solar Panels Zytech

Made in Qingdao Solar Panels Zytech

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  1. Good solar products…

  2. As this natural energy alternative becomes increasingly accessible, more and more homeowners are beginning to realize how much they can really save by taking advantage of the sun’s powerful rays.

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