Qingdao is home to heaps of rubber companies producing tires, condoms and even shoes. One of them is Double Star, a company that trades in tires in addition to being one of the city’s most well known brands for sports equipment. Qingdao Double Star (Shuang Xing/双星), the name sponsor of the local CBA basketball team, makes old school Chinese style sneakers and Converse inspired canvas upper/rubber soled shoes in factories around Qingdao. Many of the Double Star styles are lightweight and perfect for kung fu and wushu practice. Double Star also produces running suits and other apparel for exercise. Cool retro styles, local provenance, and super low prices make Double Star a good choice for hipsters, greens, students, and those who just want to wear their Qingdao pride. Besides stores around Qingdao, check out sites like Letao and Taobao (English guide for Taobao here) for some good deals on cool stuff that is Made in Qingdao.

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