Aucma EV, a part of the Qingdao based multinational electronics and appliance maker Aucma (ao ke ma/澳柯玛), produces electric vehicles such as bikes and carts for use on campuses, airports, parks, public squares and more. Producs made by Aucma EV range from scooters to mini cargo vans. There’s even a stretcher cart for medical use. Aucma also makes a large range of golf carts and police/security patrol carts.

Check out some of the models from Qingdao’s Aucma EV below. To get more information on Aucma EV and see more pics, visit their website.

澳柯玛 EV

Made in Qingdao: Aucma EV

Relevant Links:
Aucma EV Official Website

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