This Saturday, April 10th, dust off your cameras, walking shoes and sketch pads and follow Qingdao 山水 Adventures into the ethereal, yet diminishing back alleys of Qingdao’s ‘Old Town’ for a tour of Qingdao’s unique architecture type, the liyuan / 里院.

Just a few of the highlights will include:

* An outdoor wet market on a slabstone alleyway which has remained intact for almost a century, yet its fate is unclear as ‘major’ renovations to the area should commence this summer.

* A glance at Tranquility and Health #5 Liyuan, which at some points during the first half of the 20th century was a brothel said to contain over 100 prostitutes and supposedly a fertile source of tax revenue for the KMT.

* A final stop at Chopping Wood Liyuan, to take a glimpse at what the local government has already done to preserve this magnificent architecture type.

The walking tour will last around three to four hours and end with an optional meal. The group will be limited to no more than 10 people as not to disturb local residents and will cost 50元.

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