Liu 2 and Friends 7.21

The folk singer Liu Er (aka Liu 2 or Liu Dongming/刘东明) will play at Xueyuan Bookstore with some friends on July 21 at 8 pm. This unplugged performance will take place in a small venue that asks those interested to please register in advance “to watch a friend perform”. Call Xueyuan at 8592.7703 for more information. Note that due to the nature of the music and the size of the venue, the show’s organizers have suggested that in order for everyone in attendance to pay complete attention to the performance, there should be no chatting, phones, or flash photography.

Listen to Liu Er’s music on Douban.

Venue: Xueyuan Books, 青岛学苑书店
Address: 22 Quanzhou Lu, 泉州路22号
Tickets: 30 yuan (RMB) / 票价: 30 元
Tel: 8592.7703

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Xueyuan Bookstore Location on Google Maps

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