Lisa Ono (小野丽莎) performs in Qingdao at the Qingdao Grand Theatre on August 25, 2011. She is probably the most famous Japanese musician in China. This is her first concert in Qingdao. Purchase tickets online, call 400.610.3721 or 5557.3637 for more ticket info.

When: August 25, 7.30 pm
Venue: Qingdao Grand Theatre / 青岛大剧院
Location: 5 Yunling Lu, Laoshan district / 云岭路5号
Tickets: 380-1280 yuan (RMB)
Venue Info: 8066.5555
Ticket Info: 400.610.3721, 5557.3637

More info on Lisa Ono from her official site:
Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lisa Ono spent her childhood in Brazil until she became 10 years old. She started singing and playing the guitar when she was 15 years old, and her debut as a professional Bossa Nova singer was in 1989. Her natural voice, rhythmic guitar playing, and her charming smile led her to a huge success and helped Bossa Nova to be popular in Japan. She has performed with many top musicians such as the legendary Antonio Carlos Jobim, the Jazz Samba giant Joao Donato, and has been performing enthusiastically in New York, Brazil and Asian countries. The album “Dream”, which was released in 1999, sold more than 2 hundred thousand copies in Japan, and since than she has established a determined position in the Japanese Bossa Nova community.

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