Straight out of Beijing’s underground music scene, check out Lazy Camels at the REDSTAR on August 27. The band plays what Neil at REDSTAR calls ” rock and roll of the very highest calibre. Vitriolic, punchy, edgy and full of ideas. Think of the quiet-loud dynamics that did so much for grunge in the 90s, but with the quiet bits very quiet and the loud bits oh so very, very loud. In short, they are pure chaos.”

Listen to Lazy Camels on Douban.

When: August 27, 8 pm
Venue: REDSTAR / 红星
Location Room 401, Creative 100 / 创意100, 南京路100号, 401
Tickets: 50 yuan RMB, 30 students / 50元 (学生30元)
Info: 135.8320.6332

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Lazy Camels on Douban

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