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With all the headlines green tea has grabbed over the past decade for all of its health benefits, we are blessed to have some of the very best green tea right here in our own backyard in Laoshan. The Chinese have known about the medicinal benefits of green tea since ancient times, using it to treat everything from headaches to depression, however the Western world has only relatively recently started to catch on to the green tea craze.

We QINGDAO(nese) are lucky enough that there is always fresh Laoshan tea around anytime we want but are you overlooking it based on the convenience of it always being readily accessible? It’s never too late to start working green tea into your daily routine – instead of that afternoon cup of coffee, try green tea instead. After all green tea also contains caffeine but at slightly lower amounts than coffee. Green tea is pure and refreshing and in the afternoon might be just what you need to pass that mid day hump.

An Ancient Chinese Proverb says, “Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one.”

Qingdao Laoshan Green Tea Leaves Teapot

Top 5 reasons why green tea is good for your health:

  1. Helps prevent cancer.
  2. Raises your metabolism. (great for dieters)
  3. Treats impaired immune function.
  4. Helps prevent tooth decay.
  5. Helps prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Laoshan tea facts:

  1. Most tea will lose its flavor after two or three uses, but Laoshan will keep its flavor after four or five.
  2. Awarded as a Qingdao Top Ten Tourist Souvenir.
  3. Won the National Five-Star Diamond Prize in 1998.
  4. Won second place in the China Tea Cup in 1999.
  5. Not as famous as Longjing or Tieguanyin but is gaining popularity.

How to drink and enjoy your Laoshan tea (Non-Traditional):

  1. Use 2 – 4 grams of tea per cup.
  2. Fill a kettle with cold water and bring to a boil.
  3. Allow heated water to stand for up to 3 minutes.
  4. Pour the heated water over the tea, and allow it to seep for up to 3 minutes.
  5. Allow the tea to cool for three more minutes.
  6. Drink and enjoy.

How to store your Laoshan green tea:

The best and most convenient way to store green tea is to seal it inside a container and keep it refrigerated. Make sure you get a good seal on the container, otherwise the tea will become damp and some of the flavor may be lost. When you purchase green tea most stores will give you a nice storage container. If they don’t give you one or you don’t already have one, you can ask and most times they will give you one free of charge.

Where to buy Laoshan green tea:

In Qingdao, try Ten Fu Teas, which has locations all around the city, such as at the corner of Donghai Lu and Yanerdao Lu, in Carrefour (1F) or near May 4th Square on Hong Kong Middle Rd (next door to Pasta Fresca de Salavatore). Ten Fu outlets can also be found in malls around town and online. Bulk purchases can be made from suppliers in Laoshan district. Smaller shops around town are also good places to buy Laoshan green tea, just look for the character .

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Main Photo Credit @ Swiss James
Additional Photos Credit @ Qingdao Adventures (Marcus Murphy)

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  1. Lily Allison

    Ten Fu’s Teas is all well and good if you feel like dropping a large amount of qian for a wholly unremarkable but safe product. However, if you want a better tea buying experience, try heading to Qingdao’s tea market!

    For example, top grade spring picking Lao Shan green at Ten Fu’s or the grocery store might be around 2,000 for a half kilo, while you could find it at the market for 300 or 400 without bargaining.

    The market is two or three blocks from Taidong walking street. This is a two story tea market full of friendly people waiting to brew you teas, chat, and teach.

    Find Ms. Wang on the second floor, area A, store 21 for the best Pu’er in Qingdao, unbeatable Lao Shan and Tieguanyin, and some of the finest Jasmine in China.

    Cha Ye Shi Chang
    58 Sangzi Road
    Get off at the Yan’an Road stop on bus 11 or 226, then walk down about two blocks past the pet market until you come to a large red building full of tea stores (it will be on the right side of the road).

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