Author and playwright Lao She (老舍) is recognized for his contributions to Chinese literature and Qingdao history at the Camel Xiangzi Museum at 12 Huangxian Lu. The writer’s former home is in the historic Old Town neighborhood just west of Ocean University, which was called Shandong University in the 1930’s when Lao She worked there.

Find the museum just off of Daxue Lu and right next door to the Qingdao Nemo Youth Hostel.

Lao She is acclaimed as one of the great novelists in modern Chinese literature. He wrote the popular novel Camel Xiangzi (駱駝祥子) aka Rickshaw Boy while living in Qingdao. Other well known works by Lao She include the plays Teahouse (茶馆) and Four Generations Under One Roof (The Yellow Storm).

Lao’s fiction is cited as some of the most mature work to come out of China’s Republican period New Youth Movement (also called May Fourth Movement). English versions of his books such as The Two Mas (二马) are available at the museum shop. Other New Youth writers with a Qingdao connection include Lao She’s contemporaries Yu Dafu and Shen Congwen. Admission to the museum is free.

Qingdao Museum Lao She Camel Xiangzi China

Qingdao Camel Xiangzi Museum Lao She Rickshaw Boy

Lao She Museum Opens in Qingdao

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