The King’s Head Pub on Xinyi Lu (tucked away in the Jinhu neighborhood behind Zhonglian Plaza, off Ningxia Lu west of Nanjing Lu) will be host to a Killer Game activity on Saturdays at 2pm. According to the King’s, the game of Killer is easy to learn and encourages communication within a group, thus making it a good chance to make friends and practice language skills. Since the game involves deduction and psychology, it is also a good mental exercise. Beginners and newcomers are welcome, as the game is just for fun and entertainment. Please confirm your attendance by contacting

Entry fee includes refreshments such as fresh Arabica coffee and tea.

More from the King’s Head:
If you like drama, you will experience the “mousetrap” atmosphere of suspense….
If you like film, you will experience the mysterious outcome as in Identity (2003, Ray Liotta, John Cusack)….
If you like music, you will be immersed in the game’s rhythm….
If you like reading, you will enjoy the joys of “The Da Vinci Code” and puzzles.

Venue: King’s Head English Pub / 国王头像酒吧
Address: 11 Xinyi Lu / 市南区新沂路11号
Tickets: 30 yuan (RMB)
Tel: 138.6485.3857

Image Credits @ and The King’s Head

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