The Inter City Music Festival is scheduled to take place at the Golden Sands Beach (金沙滩) in the Huangdao district of Qingdao on August 24 and 25, 2013. View a map to the venue and the promo video below. Scheduled to perform: Reflector, Zheng Jun, CMCB, Twisted Machine, Miserable Faith.

When: August 24-25, 2013
Venue: Golden Sands Beach / 金沙滩
Address: Huangdao Kaifaqu (Qingdao) / 黄岛开发区(青岛)
Tickets Cost: 100 yuan (RMB) per day

The Huangdao Kaifaqu is accessible from the Qingdao Liuting Airport by airport bus and from downtown Qingdao via the tunnel. Catch tunnel bus 2 or 6 from the west side of Tiantai Stadium on Wuchang Lu (near Zhongshan Park) and after exiting the tunnel, transfer to the Huangdao city bus 4 to the Jin Sha Tan (金沙滩) stop. The tunnel buses from Qingdao to Huangdao all stop at the Qingdao Railway Station.

There is also a ferry service with regular boats to old Huangdao, which is about 45 minutes from the Golden Sands Beach. On the Qingdao side of Jiaozhou Bay, the ferry terminal is on Sichuan Lu in the Xizhen area of Shinan district. After disembarking from the ferry in Huangdao, take city bus 1 or 18 from the ferry terminal into Kaifaqu area around Jusco shopping mall and carry on to the beach from there.

Get more info on Huangdao, Xuejiadao, and environs on the western side of Jiaozhou Bay. Visit the organizer’s Weibo page for more info.

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