UPDATE June 13, 2012:

Race officially cancelled for 2012. Perhaps it was too much to handle at the same time as the Qingdao Beer Festival (the race was scheduled to take place at the same time as the beer fest, in the same part of Qingdao). Check out more info on the IndyCar cancellation of the Qingdao 2012 race.

UPDATE June 10, 2012:

The Qingdao road race may not take place after all. Seems about right since no one in Qingdao has even heard about it and there have been no visible preparations in the city. Check out the news from Yahoo Sports. Anybody else know any more about this event in Qingdao?

The US auto racing group IndyCar will had planned to bring pro motor sports to Qingdao on August 19, 2012. Most of the IndyCar races are held in the US, with the world famous Indy 500 the marquee event of the year for Indy Car racing. Next year’s schedule includes 4 international venues as Qingdao would have joined Toronto, Edmonton, and São Paulo on the tour.

The IndyCar race in Qingdao should have coincided with the 2012 Qingdao International Beer Festival. Check out more info from IndyCar below.

A temporary street circuit will was planned to cover 3.87 miles (6.2 km) and plans are for a permanent race facility to be constructed in Qingdao to develop motor sports in a city most famous for beaches, beer, and since 2008, sailing.

Read more about IndyCar 2012 in Qingdao:

It’s time to order the 747 cargo planes. A first-ever IZOD IndyCar Series race in China will join the international lineup of events for 2012, INDYCAR announced today. The IZOD IndyCar Series will race Aug. 19 on a 3.87-mile street circuit in Qingdao – a Yellow Sea coastal city of 8.7 million between Beijing and Shanghai that played host to the 2008 Summer Olympics Sailing competition.

“As the world global economy continues to grow and evolve, China, the world’s second-largest economy, has become a top priority with most American businesses and the sponsors that are committed to INDYCAR,” INDYCAR CEO Randy Bernard said. “Last year, at our sponsorship summit, China was the No. 1 place our sponsors wanted to go outside of the United States. We are very excited and truly grateful for the full support of the Chinese Government, Qingdao City Government and related Government Bureaus in providing the opportunity to bring the IZOD IndyCar Series to China. We are committed to doing our part in making this a fantastic race event weekend to be seen on the world stage.”

The race will be contested on a temporary street circuit, with the long-term objective of constructing a permanent racing and entertainment venue. Known for its German and French heritage, Qingdao boasts an almost European atmosphere, with the city often referred to as “China’s Switzerland.” The race weekend will coincide with the popular Qingdao International Beer Festival. Qingdao, in Shandong Province, is the largest container port in China. The world’s longest sea bridge (26.4 miles) opened in June and links the main urban area with the Huangdao district. Tianhou Palace, built in the Ming Dynasty (1467 AD), is the center’s most historical structure. With a stage in the front and bell towers and drum towers at both sides, the temple has been developed into the Qingdao Folk Customs Museum.

INDYCAR, through representatives in China, has been in discussions for a few years with governement bureaus about staging a race. China currently plays host to Formula One in mid-April in Shanghai, and for September 2011 added two rounds of the FIA GT1 World Championship in Beijing and Inner Mongolia. “The China automotive industry is experiencing explosive growth and it is just smart to begin establishing our brand and business roots in the China marketplace,” INDYCAR Commercial Division President Terry Angstadt said. “Over the last three years — with full support of the Chinese Government, Qingdao City Government and related Government Bureaus — U.S.-based INDYCAR representative ARD, China race promoter Yinxin Investment, as well as major sponsor Qingdao City Construction Investment Group have worked with our team in the realization of this historic race event.

“We couldn’t be happier for the future Chinese race fans and the extended INDYCAR family.”

IndyCar Racing in Qingdao 2012 IZOD

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