Immaculate Machine at Redstar 12.16

Canadian indie pop rockers Immaculate Machine are scheduled to appear at the Redstar on Dec. 16 with support from the Dama Llamas. Listen to the band on their site and on myspace. Read a concert review of the band to find out more about their live show.

Tickets are 50 yuan (40 with Redstar Card and 30 with valid student ID).

Contact 135-8320-6332 / 8388-2269 for more details.

Relevant Links:
Official Immaculate Machine website
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Immaculate Machine concert review
Official Dama Llamas website
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Redstar Venue

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  1. This band’s tour of China was arranged by Split, , the same folks who brought Hollerado to town last weekend … if that is anything to go by, Immaculate Machine are gonna be a good show too ~!

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