Igloo 1st in QD Subway Design

Alain Courchesne recently wrote us about his firm Igloodgn winning 1st prize in the design competition for the Qingdao Subway, aka Metro. Visit their website for more info.

Igloodgn is proud to announce their First Prize win in the distinguished Qingdao Metro design competition. The Canada based design firm has worked on a cutting-edge and innovative project that is reflective of their modern spin on contemporary design.

They have developed a model for a subway platform with a concept that utilizes stunning tiles from Bardelli from Italy, a go-to favourite of the firm because of their quality and hand-screened craftsmanship. The graphic on the tiles, an oversized black and white sheen sketch of a tulip by designer Ronald Van Der Hilst, will direct commuters up and down a set of escalators leading to the subway platform.

The idea was to tap into the underground concept as if there were a hole with natural light streaming through the passageway, giving the entire project a unique perspective on light and movement. The tulips, given their opposing angles on both sides, give the feeling that they are either growing downward or being pulled from the ground up.

At the same time, Igloodgn pulled inspiration for this competition from the International Horticultural Exposition happening in Qingdao in 2014. In paying homage to this event, Igloodgn’s contribution demonstrates the firm’s ability to design spaces that are influenced and enhanced by the local culture, transforming this opportunity into public art. The city will love that we are looking into its future and have used the Expo as a source of inspiration.

Qingdao Igloodgn Qingdao Subway Platform 2 (1)

Qingdao Igloodgn Qingdao Subway Platform 9

Qingdao Igloodgn Qingdao Subway Platform 8

Qingdao Igloodgn Qingdao Subway Platform 7

Qingdao Igloodgn Qingdao Subway Platform 5

Qingdao Igloodgn Qingdao Subway Platform 3 Staircase

Qingdao Igloodgn Qingdao Subway Platform 1 Staircase

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  1. So, does the fact that they won mean that QD Metro will use that design? Or will they just use it as “inspiration” and do it themselves – and skip the hand crafted Italian tiles?

    And the flowers don’t really look very fresh to me. They could need some water…

    Looking forward to the Metro though!

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