If Not You, Then Who? is the English name of a Chinese language stage production coming to Qingdao this January 1st to 3rd, 2010. The literal translation of this play’s Chinese name (不作你,作谁?) is “Not Do You, Do Who?

Sponsored in Qingdao by Kadenza Art and Media, the drama deals with the sexual and emotional tensions of a couple of Chinese IT college students and the girls that change their lives forever in modern day China. The play is notable for its strong language and has been well received in Beijing and Shanghai by the post 70’s and post 80’s generation, as the script incorporates a lot of internet and pop culture memes. There is a lot of topical humor and improv, and the shows in Qingdao are sure to include some riffs on local language and customs. Catch a rising star at the Qinghua Theater (formerly named the Qingdao Theater) this winter. See more info in the Dec 09 (No. 5) Arteffect.


Venue: Qinghua Theater, 12 Linqing Lu
Tickets: 100 yuan, 80 yuan, 60 yuan (RMB)
More info: 8297-2871, 8281-8181

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