March 13th & 14th Cinderella Pantomime Cast and Crew of 14 nations will call the new QISS school campus (QCCI) home. After four months of asking for help with provisions, we achieve success at last. We now have a stage on which to perform.

Giving to charity is what we really are about.

Pantomime talent has been around for four years. Each year we have not only worked hard to entertain the community but we also manage to keep charity at the forefront of our minds. WE all wear many different hats outside our homes.

Pantonites volunteer every year not only to entertain the community but also to make a difference. Our artistic team consists of a costume crew, choreographers, artists, actors and teachers. Some of these members visit schools and hospitals. Bringing money, raised by events, such as the Pantomime, for classroom computers and supplies, surgeries and medicine. Other members volunteer to read books to pre-schoolers, hold Zumba-thons only to give it all back to orphanages.

While we waited for approval on the Song Ling Road theatre, everyone managed to keep busy behind the scenes. Cinderella’s family & friends continue to dedicate many hours of preparation, rehearsal, promoting, fund raising and charity work. All their tireless efforts have finally been reciprocated. The new QISS (QCCI) campus theatre on Song Ling Road is only one recognizable reward for the Pantomime crew. Giving to charity is what we really are about.

To donate please visit, email, or directly contact Rita Nielsen at 13964819925.

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