Qingdao based multinational Hisense in cooperation with the China-Africa Development Fund has opened an industrial park focused on home appliance manufacture on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa. The former Qingdao No.2 Radio Factory that later became the Qingdao General Television Factory (re-branded as Hisense in 1994) is expanding to reach new markets in sub-Saharan Africa via what is being called “most important electronics and home appliance production base in South Africa”.

Hisense is one of the giant white goods manufacturers that grew up in Qingdao and later travelled around the world while maintaining its headquarters in China’s Sailing City. The global electronics maker is already very successful in Australia, where Hisense became the first Chinese company to secure naming rights for a major stadium in 2008 at the current Hisense Arena (home of the Australian Open) in Melbourne.

Hisense maintains a large R&D facility in the city of Qingdao on Jiangxi Lu just east of Yan An San Lu. Many residential and commercial properties in Qingdao and other areas of China are owned by Hisense as well. For more info on one of Qingdao’s most visible economic engines, check out the official Hisense website.

More info on Hisense Home Appliances Park from the Wall Street Journal:

On June 6th, Hisense officially opened its new Home Appliances Industrial Park in Atlantis, a town in Western Cape, South Africa. The 100,000-square-meter industrial park located 40 kilometers from the port of Cape Town is the most important electronics and home appliance production base in South Africa. As a joint project between Hisense and the China-Africa Development Fund, the new park will have an annual production capacity of 400,000 TVs and 400,000 refrigerators. The base is designed for producing energy-saving refrigerators, Smart 3D HDTVs, and other high-end and eco-friendly products for the South African market as well as more than 30 countries across sub-Saharan Africa, including Angola, Ghana, and Congo. The new base is expected to create about 600 direct jobs and an estimated 2,000 indirect opportunities in the supporting parts and logistics sectors.

The new industrial park will give Hisense a higher brand influence across the region. Founded in 1994, Hisense South Africa has grown into the largest LED TV manufacturer in the country with a market share of 25 percent. In addition, its market share of refrigerators is now 14 percent. The sales growth for Hisense has stood at 50 percent from 2010 to 2012 consecutively. Hisense products can be seen in many large-scale local chain stores, including HiFi, Game, Dion, and others.

The South African government attaches great importance to Hisense’s consistent and steady development in the local area. At the opening ceremony, speeches were made by the South African Minister of Economic Development, Vice Foreign Minister, Western Cape Province’s governor, several mayors, together with the China-African Development Fund vice president and project investors. The Minister of Economic Development promised maximum support for Hisense’s development in South Africa. Jerry Liu, General Manager of Hisense’s South Africa subsidiary, shared that during the last few decades, Hisense has continuously implemented aid projects for welfare institutions including orphanages, children’s hospitals, and assisted living facilities for seniors, as well as providing donations and scholarships to schools in disadvantaged areas. Hisense has established an electronics technology research and development training base in Atlantis for a large number of local professional technicians. These actions have been warmly welcomed by the local community and government.

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