Hisense is coming out with a new TV set that can be controlled by hand movements in the air. It’s called the XT710 and will be launched in China. The TV picks up gestures via a sensor and lets the viewer change things on the screen without an actual remote control device.

The technology, developed by the company eyeSight and licensed to Hisense, was recently featured on Engadget.com. Hands free gesture recognition will also apply to games and other applications on the TV set. Congratulations to the Qingdao based multinational Hisense for being a leader in the field by offering the world’s first Android Smart TV.

More info from the official press release:

Hisense Group, a leading Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer, signed a licensing agreement with eyeSight Mobile Technologies, a developer of touch free interfaces for digital devices, to integrate eyeSight’s innovative Hand Gesture Recognition Technology into new models of Android based Smart TV sets.

The agreement will turn Hisense into the first leading connected TV manufacturer to offer a smart TV with gesture recognition technology. Hisense will integrate eyeSight’s SDK into several new connected TV models revolutionizing user experience in the digital living room. The first model of Hisense Smart TV with this unique feature is Series XT710, which has been introduced to the consumer markets in China to mark the 1st October National holidays.

Users that will purchase this gesture enabled connected TV, will be able to control various functions and applications by using intuitive hand gestures. This will be done by using simple hand gestures in front of the device’s 2D camera.

Hisense Air Remote TV Qingdao Haixin

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