A recent Gizmodo article calls Qingdao’s major multinational Hisense a “no-name company” that could kick Sony’s ass.

In a post about a new 4k TV offering from Qingdao’s number 2 electronics and appliance maker (Haier being number 1), Hisense was noted for its’ relative lack of brand recognition outside of China and ability to produce high quality sets for a bargain.

Hisense UHD 4K TV

For a company without a name in the West, Hisense has named an arena where the Australian Open is played and sponsors a rugby team down under, where they are one of the top selling fridge, air con and TV makers.

More on the No-Name Company That Could Kick Sony’s 4k Ass from Gizmodo:

There’s little doubt Sony’s monstrous 84-inch 4k TV will be a high resolution atom bomb of a TV. There’s also no doubt it costs $25,000, about as much as an actual atom bomb. Hisense is selling a 4k unit for under $6,000. Do the math.

Just because the Gizmodo writer had never heard of Hisense doesn’t make them a no-name company. Here in Qingdao, the Hisense name is on luxury department stores and real estate developments all over town, not to mention on the millions of home appliances throughout China.

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Image Credit@Hisense, Gizmodo

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