Hassa is well known to photography fans in Qingdao. He stands out as perhaps the single most justified claimant to the title of best of the best photographers in the city, a man with an unparalleled eye for a great image and a great skill for capturing it. One of the most enduring feelings communicated through his photos is that of being in the moment and totally forgetting that there is a person behind the camera, or that there is even a camera at all. Hassa takes photographs that show off his love of the people and places of Qingdao. Showcasing images from My Qingdao II – The Selected Works of Hassa, Qingdao Image Art Gallery is hosting an exhibition of Hassa photography. Visit Jin Shi Xian Photo on the 1st floor of the Minzheng Mansion at the corner of Yanan San Lu and Xianggang Zhong Lu (Hong Kong Middle Rd), see map link here, from February 28 to March 27.

Event: My Qingdao II – The Selected Works of Hassa
When: February 28 – March 27
Venue: Jin Shi Xian Photo, Minzheng Mansion, 228 Yanan San Lu

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