Hash House Harriers 2.06

This is officially run number 174 for the Qingdao Hash House Harriers, the “Drinkers with a running problem”. For more info please contact Chris and visit the QD HHH website.

NOTE: The meeting time for this run has been bumped up to 1 pm at Crowne Plaza, in order to travel to Chengyang, where the run will be set up by 3 resident Chengyang experts.

When: February 6, 1 pm
Venue: Meet at the Crowne Plaza, 76 Hong Kong Middle Rd
Venue (Chinese): 香港中路76号

Relevant Links:
Official Qingdao Hash House Harriers website
Crowne Plaza Qingdao Website

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  1. Morgan

    it seems the meeting time has changed to 1pm

  2. Yes, the time was moved forward to 1pm. The reason is that the bus ride takes about one hour and we don’t want to arrive too late (gives us more time to drink in Chengyang). So please tell other people about it.

    On On!

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