Two non-Chinese holidays that seem to really resonate with people in Qingdao are Christmas and Halloween. This year is no exception – there will be parties all around town to celebrate All Saints’ Eve, albeit on Saturday the 29th instead of the customary last day of October, which falls on a Monday.

Corner Jazz Bar on Minjiang Lu usually hosts a large crowd with spectacular costumes (contest and prizes for best costumes in different categories). Charlie’s Bar on Jiangxi Lu has been known to throw one hell of a bash as well. Ye Chao in Zhonglian Guangchang should be holding special Halloween themed activities this weeked.

There are a couple venues that will feature local party people in spooky regalia jamming to live rock music: Old Church Lounge (Kaiyue Youth Hostel) in Old Town and Allen’s Story Bar on Minjiang Lu just down the street from the Jazz Bar.

Also be sure to check out Lennon Bar on Zhuhai Lu (near the Eastern Municipal Hospital) and ssLPG on Jiangxi Lu (across the street from Charlie’s and Freeman Bar) where people will be hopping with Halloween spirits. Check with your preferred night spot for their Halloween 2011 plans.

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