From Sky at Zoom Bar, a small cosy welcoming watering hole off Jiangxi Lu near Fu Yuan Xiao Qu Residential Area:

Happy Halloween!

In 2012, the ‘year of Satan’, the annual Halloween night comes again! Here, we, in order to celebrate the sacred moment, will be on October 31 an unforgettable NIGHT in ZOOM Bar – a Halloween theme party “Breathtaking night”.

Time: October 31, 2012, 8 pm
Venue: Zoom Bar
Address: 105 Jiangxi Road, Fu Yuan Residential Area 江西路105号福苑小区
Info: 131.8898.2999

With terror, romantic atmosphere, and finally rich and colorful gifts, exciting game activities, shock of music … Will let you feel “bar peculiar elegant demeanour”.

Optional outfit, bold makeup
This party in red wine is given priority to, Breathtaking night with the red wine has more of the theme atmosphere

ZOOM bar will become a house of terror ;), stretched out your hand and unable to see, everywhere is dark, glowering, pumpkin lamp eyes the blinking. A strange light, from the roof came a few sound puzzling scream, dark corner suddenly jump out of skeleton and a werewolf…

Come to a Halloween party and let’s scream, the corner with a cup of bloody Mary’s guy, covered with ghost cloak, in the stage of the lamp upon coming… you are Leading role, drink wine, at the same time make friends, everybody relax to relieve pressure and enjoy the Breathtaking NIGHT

Special price for the night: Guys 128 / Girls 68 / imported red wine infinite drink!
Theme Cocktails: Bloody Mary, Blue Hell and more…

Image Credit @ loopt

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