Qingdao based Haier is one of the world’s most successful electronics and appliance makers. Originally a joint venture in Qingdao with German company Liebherr, Haier has grown to be an internationally known name brand. Currently Haier is an NBA sponsor with its own building in Manhattan and a manufacturing facility in the US. The CEO of Haier, Zhang Ruimin, is renowned as a business leader with lessons for the whole world – a Forbes writer termed Zhang “The Oracle of Qingdao”.

The past year saw the multinational doing quite fine, thank you, with profits up close to 22% (China Knowledge calculates 21.54%) in 2012 based on figures released by the company on March 20, 2013. Reuters reports that Haier profits were 3.269 billion yuan (RMB) on revenues of almost 80 billion yuan. Check out the full disclosure here.

Check out Haier’s website for more info on one of the Fab Five brands from Qingdao.

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