If you are looking for luxury goods in Qingdao, then Hisense Plaza is the place to shop. From Prada to Gucci and LV to Rolex, Hisense Plaza is the swankiest retail establishment in the city. Even if you are not in the market for upscale stuff, the mall is a good landmark and a decent place to take a break from the everyday shopping experience in Qingdao.

The supermarket on B1 has a lot of goods that you probably cannot find elsewhere in Qingdao, such as imported food, as well as foreign brand sundries and daily use items. The prices are a bit above those of Aeon or Walmart, but with the markup comes exclusivity, read: less crowded and higher quality dongxi.

Some of the reviews on Trip Advisor mention these aspects of the Hisense Plaza mall on Donghai Lu in Qingdao, next to Marina City and the Olympic Sailing Center on the coast in Shinan district.

Ambose says:
Soooooo Expensive. It’s a window shopping location unless you’re loaded. Best public restrooms in the area though. All the luxury brands are here.

Poe says:
The real reason to come here is downstairs, the grocery story that is attached to this mall is probably the most non-native friendly mall in Qingdao.

Heather says:
This is a high end department store in downtown Qingdao – luxury world brand shops, multiple excellent restaurants and an international supermarket in the basement – with coffee shops, european bakery, ice-cream, tea etc.

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