Qingdao based punk band Gamma 24 plays the Old Church Lounge (Kaiyue Youth Hostel) on April 4. The band is coming off a well received supermoon gig with The Dama Llamas. The evening gets an early start at 8 pm in the lower level of this historic building. The streets around Kaiyue are home to many kao rou restaurants serving the bbq kebobs famous in Qingdao. It’s also adjacent to some of the last remaining liyuan in the city. Worth heading out there early for dinner and a look around at lifestyles and architecture of Qingdao’s past.

When: April 4, 8 pm
Venue: Old Church Lounge / 老教堂吧
Location: 31 Jining Lu / 济宁路31号
More info: 8284-5450

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